Zero Caliber: Weapons Galore!

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Zero Caliber is a fantastic VR experience for those either have or are trying to learn about weapon knowledge. It features, most military weapons used in the present and some from the days of old! Today we will take a walk into everything this experience has to offer!

Zero Caliber, Explained!

Zero Caliber is a Weapons/Combat based VR experience that puts the user in the body of a soldier that has been tasked with defending the people against a terrorist organization known as the Tlalokii, in a time frame where humanity seems to be on its last legs. In this universe, water is in short supply, and it is your job to protect what is left of it.

As the player, the game starts with a brief tutorial of the basic VR controls. After the tutorial is completed, The player must go through a “boot camp” that shows the player how game-play mechanics work, as well as the start of weapon “building” or weapons customization, as well as giving the player their first taste of combat.

Weapons, Attachments and More!

Zero Caliber has an exquisite ability to pick a weapon, and customize it however you like. As it can be seen in the Image above, that player prefers a red dot sight, a vertical fore-grip and a suppressor. The game gives you an opportunity while between missions to visit the armory. Where you can buy new weapons with earned in-game currency (no micro-transactions here) once they are unlocked through game-play. Then pull piece by piece what you would like to place on the weapon.

Even though weapons must be unlocked, there is no raise in concern for those who want to get into the action with their style of weapon sooner. Any weapon and attachment can be found “in the field” during missions. These can be saved within “statues” found just outside the armory. These can also save your favorite loadout in its entirety as well.

Zero Caliber is pricey, Is it worth it?

My absolute response when asked this question is yes. Typically ranging around $29.99 USD on the Steam store, it does provide an amazing experience for gun/war enthusiasts. Although there are only around 7 missions to complete, the game is multiplayer and is still being updated and developed, and more missions as well as well as new guns are sure to come! Feel free to check it out on the steam store here.