World War Z – Survive the Zombie Swarm!

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Image by : Saber Interactive media image

20 April 2019

World War Z – Survive the Zombie Swarm

World War Z is a thrilling four player cooperative, third person shooter with massive amounts of swarming zombies that are just looking for their next meal. The zombie swarm just keeps moving forward searching, and if you are not ready the next meal is you.

World War Z takes place in different parts of the world making up four cooperative campaigns. Each has a playable character that you must work your way through a linear location. The campaign takes you to New York, Moscow, Jerusalem and Japan. You must fight to survive while completing a set of goals together. The story line will have you protecting survivors, escorting a scientist, or just trying to get out of the situation alive.

Outside of the missions you can work at unlocking backstories about who you are playing and the area you are in. If you would rather skip the backstory, you can bypass everything and just mow down zombies. The shear amount of zombies is impressive, and intimidating. Seeing thousands of zombies on screen in the distance rushing at you, scrambling and climbing on top of each other to get at you is pretty amazing.

Image by : Saber Interactive media image

When the zombie horde is on its way to eat you, you do have some time to develop a game plan. Although it is not much time (did I mention the zombies like to move fast), you can set up some defenses like turrets, for some tower defense, or electric floor panels to zap any undead that steps on it. There’s also good ole fashioned barbed wire to tangle up and slow the horde’s movement.

The game offers six unique classes for you to work at and level up:

Gunslinger – For those who skip the questions and shoot first, the Gunslinger is loaded with an arsenal of weapon damage and ammo-boosting perks to mow down the dead.

Hellraiser – Enough explosives can solve any problem! Hellraisers come armed with C4 and other tools for effective crowd control.\

Slasher – For warriors with a sense of elegance, the best way to kill is with your trusty blade. Slashers have perks that increase melee damage and effectiveness while their armed tasers deliver electrifying results.

Medic – Sometimes the best way to fight the undead is keeping your teammates from becoming one of them. Armed with a Stim Pistol, Medics can heal fellow survivors from a distance and help keep the chaos under control.

Fixer – When versatility in any situation is the highest priority, the Fixer is there for you, starting out with an explosive ammo case and several teammate ammo-restoring perks.

Exterminator – Fire is the answer! Armed with Molotov cocktails and increased fire damage, the Exterminator just wants to watch the undead burn.

Image by : Saber Interactive media image

Each class has their own unique perks to them and play styles, along with customizable powerful weapons for surviving the higher difficulty challenges. Enemy and item spawns in the world are based on player performance.

World War Z is a visually impressive cooperative shooter that has captured the key elements of the movie and brought it into a captivating gaming experience and made it work very well. It is out now on PC, PS 4 and Xbox from the Epic Game Store.

If you would like to know more about the game head over to the WWZ game site –> here

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If you love blasting some zombies and haven’t already tried it, World War Z is a fun and exciting zombie shooter that is sure to provide some heart pumping action and remember to always keep your gaming set to MAX!