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author imageby CRYENGINE | 0 Comments | April 22, 2020
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Check out a range of audio asset packs perfect for creating the sounds of the great outdoors.

Even as the weather turns better, it’s important to stay at home rather than exploring the great outdoors right now as we are facing this global pandemic. But it’s a great time to immerse players in a virtual wilderness, and today we’re checking out a range of high-quality, CRYENGINE-ready audio assets that you can download today from the CRYENGINE Marketplace.

Footsteps SFX – Grass


Download 120 individual, meticulously engineered footstep sounds recorded with professional quality equipment in the Footsteps SFX – Grass pack from TimWinandySFX. Including walking, running, sprinting, and crouched states, this pack contains everything you need to create a soundscape for players and NPCs walking across grassy areas.

Spring Waterfalls


This wonderful asset pack from Soundsower includes 83 minutes of waterfall and river audio recorded in three locations across the Vosges mountain range in France. Recorded in stereo and from several microphone placements at a close, medium, and long-range, you have a large range of options with which to deliver different levels of audio for running water. The pack also includes a hydrophone track, which allows you to modulate the low end and to add more movement to your sound design.

Water Flow

Another brilliant water-themed pack is Water Flow from Sound_Ex_Machinima. This collection includes over 40 minutes of high-quality recordings of streams, rivers, and waterfalls recorded at various locations across Greece. Including both close and long-range recordings of slow flows and turbulent, rushing waters, this pack will allow you to create a calm or dynamic soundscape with the variation that you require for your levels.

Door Sounds Pack

Put the door in outdoors with the Door Sounds Pack from Audio_Alchemist, allowing your players to cross the threshold to the countryside. This collection includes 107 door sound effects, which are perfect for a range of scenarios, including medieval, contemporary, and sci-fi settings. This collection includes both individual sounds and audio loops, all recorded at high quality. From office and car doors to the sounds of a stone door, train doors, sci-fi doors, and even a submarine door, this comprehensive pack provides everything you’ll ever need when it comes to creating sound design for opening and closing doors.

All of these assets and more are available on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. If you pick up an asset that makes a difference for your project, don’t forget to leave a review. And if you’re looking for a specific asset to help you, but somehow can’t find it, let us know on the forum, or via Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel. If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub, which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently.

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