What is Star Citizen? Part 1:

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Star Citizen banner by GameCloud.net

Star Citizen is a sci-fi sandbox with tremendous goals and one of the largest crowdfunded projects to hit the gaming market for PC platform. According to CIG (Cloud Imperium Games), the studio developing Star Citizen, and their website, Robert Space Industries, by November of 2018 the project surpassed 200 million in pledged donations. Just the funding alone is enough to bring attention to the project, but it is not just the funding that has made this project so popular. Chris Roberts and his dream for this game, and how he has approached broadcasting to world, is why so many people have invested into the project. So what is Star Citizen and why you as a gamer should be following its development.

From RSI website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game “I don’t want to build a game, I want to build a universe” From the mind of Chis Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes Star Citizen. 100% crowd funded, Star Citizen aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion… and you are invited to follow every step of development. More than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter, and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited game play!

Star Citizen is an open world, or rather open universe, sandbox mmo designed to fully immerse the player into the universe, from feeling how each ship fly’s differently, to sitting with your friends enjoying a drink while traveling on a luxury ship. Communicating with other players in game can create an unparalleled experience of optionally being able to speak with the coms, voice chat that has volumetric properties, and face tracking to have your character mimic your facial movements and apply them to your avatar.

Star Citizen Face Over Internet Protocol (FOIP) example

When watching streamers and youtube videos on Star Citizen the most common question is “should I get into this game right now?”. This project, being that it is in alpha, is buggy and occasionally frustrating. However this project can fabricate experiences similar to living in universes such as Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, or Star Wars. CIG are designing ship of many different features and sizes and are going the extra mile to make each ship feel unique. Become a bounty hunter and capture hostile AI and even players. Pursue piracy and roll with crews seeking the next big score at the expense of others. Alternatively if this is too much for you, simply become a space trucker and haul vasts amounts of cargo for profit. There is so much more to emulate whatever atmosphere you desire both in the game and what is to come with further development.

Current features Star Citizen offers are somewhat limited depending on the perspective of the players. Star Citizen as of alpha 3.4.3 will allow you to have control of your player and ship movements, features, and early customization. Currently the majority of moons/ planets are fully explore-able, meaning you will fly into the atmosphere from space, land on the surface, and go anywhere you want. Missions will come in a wide variety of combat both first person shooter to naval. Other missions could ask you to deliver goods, deploy relay devices, even operating as a personal investigator.

CIG Star Citizen Aegis Hammerhead

With Alpha 3.5 just on the horizon, Star Citizen will have a database wipe at the launch. Start fresh with other citizens of the verse or continue to follow the development beyond this point. As a forewarning this project will take large amounts of time to continue and as of this point doesn’t see the end yet. The developers are all working hard to achieve the absolutely massive goals and visions leading into the future. If you want a complete and polished game then Alpha is not for you. Bugs and crashes are present and on top of all this you need PC rig strong enough to handle running the game at Alpha 3.4.3. If alpha games do not bother you, the minimum to join the universe is creating an account and purchasing a game package as low as $45.00 for a mustang Alpha or an Aurora MR. The ship package worth the most for its price in my opinion would be the Cutlass Black for $115.00.

For more information on the ships and packages available go to the RSI page:


Overall i recommend doing more research before determining if you would like to join the verse. As a player of Star Citizen since December 7th, 2017 I can say i am very pleased with the development so far. CIG promises are being delivered in alpha builds and being expanded further as development continues. There is so much to cover in Star Citizen that i will be starting a series on Star Citizen. If you would to see some in game footage of what the game is like, we produced a gameplay video with clips from authors from this site playing Star Citizen. Spacial thanks to Twisted Trisler and A1C Noodle from Ethereal Aphelion discord gaming community for help making this video possible.