Watch Question’s Jordan Thomas and Michael Kelly discuss The Blackout Club

author image by GamesutraNews | 0 Comments | November 14, 2018
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After The Magic Circle, the developers at Question took a long hard look at what it would take to keep their indie studio afloat in 2018. After a couple of years of radio silence, they’ve finally dived into the waters of Steam Early Access with their horror co-op game The Blackout Club.

Since the horror genre has enjoyed a resurgence with developers the last few years, it seemed noteworthy to check in with the studio filled with BioShock veterans and ask what their experience has been with developing an Early Access game. Now, after their chat on the GDC Twitch channel, you can watch their full discussion about their experiences. 

It’s an interesting talk, especially for developers who are conscious about the realities of their production models and what that means for making and selling games. You can click on the video above to watch the interview in full, and follow the GDC Twitch channel for more insightful developer interviews.