Visual tweaks hit Rainbow Six Siege ahead of release in Asian countries

author image by GamesutraNews | 0 Comments | November 2, 2018
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Like many developers that aim to bring a game to countries like China, Ubisoft plans to change some visual elements changed before Rainbow Six Siege can see an official release in the country.

But for Rainbow Six Siege, those changes won’t be confined to only that region’s version of the game. Instead, as Ubisoft details in a blog post on the game’s website, icons and environmental elements featuring gambling, blood, and sexual content will be removed from all versions of the game as the developer readies Rainbow Six Siege for release in “expansion into Asian territories.”

The company explains that maintaining a single version of the game rather than two parallel versions eases strain on the development team and ultimately prevents it from having to do the same work twice to address issues in both versions.

The changes themselves are minor and don’t affect the gameplay, the company notes. Ubisoft has side-by-side pictures of what it is changing on the full post, for example, and most of the decisions boil down to things like removing a line of slot machines from a room or cleaning up a splatter of blood that previously adorned an in-game wall. Changes to some of the icons in the game, pictured below, are likely to be the most noticeable.