Viewers Hated the Fallout 76 Rick and Morty, Ninja Twitch Stream

author image by N4G News | 0 Comments | November 11, 2018
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mafiabrett44m ago

Feel like Bethesda just keeps getting further and further out of touch with their core RPG fanbase. They keep dumbing down their games, making them more like Mass Effect (Fallout 4). They make fun of EA about multiplayer games, then they go and release a multiplayer only game. They get tons of heat because of the Creation Club/Bethesda Net Launcher, so what do they do to take off the heat? They go after Sony and crossplay.. now that Sony said Crossplay is open, Bethesda said oopsie we won’t do that. Then somehow they think throwing money at these 3 guys who already have tons of money will somehow make people buy Fallout 76? If anything that stream made people NOT want to buy 76, it made the game look boring when you have 3 people who know nothing about the Fallout universe and have no personality to go along with it.