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February 16, 2019

MaxLevelMag will be updating the look and functionality to keep up with the standards of today’s quality of websites. Due to increasing views, traffic, and attention being guided onto the website we want to move forward. Establishing of the new theme of maxlevelmag begins now, and will be done in the background. Articles will continue to be published from sources and from authors during this process.

New features will be coming with the update such as forums for subscribers with profile pages. Accounts will allow profile pictures and profile banners following basic rules we establish. These pages will allow for friends lists and other standard forum/ social website features. Creating an account and becoming a subscriber will be free for everyone who wants to join the website community. The update will improve our mobile and tablet appearance and functionality and be available at the same time as the browser website. Alongside features are being replaced or modified with the ambition of a presence amidst professionals. The update will be launched once the functionality of the new theme meets the current standards of maxlevelmag. After launch new features will come consistently all posted to the changelog.

We will have a changelog with dated posts going over the new content, in detail, of any new features after the update. We are hard at work to have these changes ready as soon as possible so do not be surprised seeing a new design for Maxlevelmag soon!










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