Train tycoon game ‘Railroad Corporation’ gets new sandbox mode

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Image by : Iceberg Interactive

20 July 2019

The Train Tycoon game Railroad Corporation from Iceberg Interactive released a new Sandbox Update on July 18. The new sandbox mode will allow players the option to experiment without timers or objectives. In sandbox mode players have access to two new maps with extra settings options, starting with a ‘Best Friend’ locomotive or having everything researched and more. In addition to the sandbox mode, players also have the option of playing a previously completed campaign in the new sandbox mode.

Check out the new Sandbox Update game play below:

Read the full press release from Iceberg Interactive below:

Experiment without timers or objectives in brand new game play mode

Haarlem, the Netherlands: Developer Corbie Games and indie publisher Iceberg Interactive are happy to announce the first major update to train tycoon strategy game Railroad Corporation, currently available through Steam’s Early Access program.

The new update will appeal to players wishing to fully focus on expanding their train network and growing their corporation, by featuring a sandbox mode.

In the sandbox mode, players can:

  • Play two new sandbox-only maps with extra settings, such as random city locations and random production buildings.
  • Choose between starting the game with the ‘Best Friend’ locomotive or by having everything researched.
  • Enable or disable contract generation, the buying or constructing of production buildings and laws spawning on and off.

In addition to the sandbox mode, players now have the option of playing previously finished campaign missions in sandbox mode. This means that players can:

  • Enjoy the same missions as in the campaign but without deadlines, overdraft limits or objectives.
  • Play the missions without any prior research or portfolio progression being carried forward into subsequent missions.

The update also brings with it some multiplayer tweaks, such as an alternative scenario for the current multiplayer map with an extended goal, a starting capital of $200k and two pre-researched locomotives.

If you would like more info about Railroad Corporation head over to the Steam page –> HERE!