Top Video Game Companies By Game Revenues For The First Half Of 2018

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Data insight firm New Zoo has revealed precisely which companies are making the most money from video game revenues during the first half of this year. Surprisingly it is Chinese firm Tencent which has seen the most from video game revenue so far this year and they are followed by Sony and then Apple. Nintendo is listed at number nine. Here’s the data courtesy of Twitter user TomsPlaying.

  1. Tencent: $10.2b
  2. Sony: $6.1b
  3. Apple: $4.4b
  4. Microsoft: $4.2b
  5. Activision: $3.4b
  6. NetEase: $2.9b
  7. Google: $2.8b
  8. EA: $2.7b
  9. Nintendo: $1.5b
  10. Bandai Namco: $1.4b
  11. Nexon: $1.2b
  12. Ubi: $1.1b
  13. Netmarble: $944m
  14. Take-Two: $838m
  15. WB: $836m