The Wolf Simulator: Beginners Guide

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The Wolf Simulator RPG game from Swift Apps LTD is a multiplayer online game with Five maps and two play modes, Coop and PvP. This game offers in game friends and chatting ability, both publicly and privately with a friend. It is available free for download on any mobile device and can be found in your App store. Today I will go over basic game play and help you get started on your journey to becoming the leader of the pack.

Basic Gameplay

You begin with a couple skills available and your player level and attribute levels all at level one. You can play in Coop rooms until your player level is high enough to unlock PvP where you can battle other wolf players. You will gain experience points which are tracked with a bar at the top of your screen while you are leveling up your player level, it will max out at level 50. As your player level increases more maps and skills will become available to you. Your skills are upgraded using gems which you can purchase or earn by killing animal champions. The other thing you will gain as you play is coins, these are awarded for killing anything in the game, animals or other players. Coins are used to level up your Attributes, which are speed, defense, health and attack. You also get the option to have many different wolf skins, some become available just by gaining player levels, some need to be purchased using gems. There is one skin, mighty wolf, that is given when you purchase VIP for the first time. VIP is like your in game boost, it gives you 50% more experience points and coins while it is active. You have three options for VIP, one day, one week, or 30 days, all of which are purchased with gems.

My final thoughts

With easily understandable game play and simple controls this is a great game for veteran and newbie gamers alike, available on any mobile device and free for download. Join in on the fun and become the fearless hunter you were destined to be. Stay tuned for the next article when I dive into the ins and outs of skills, and which I think are most important.