The Game Awards 2018 Features “The Largest Lineup Of New Game Announcements In Show History”

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The Game Awards 2018 is fast approaching and it is due to take place on the 6th of December. The producer and organiser of the event, Geoff Keighley, said on Twitter that this year’s event will have the biggest lineup of new video game reveals in the entire show’s history, which sound very promising. Speaking to Venture Beat, Keighley said the following, which was summarised by Reset Era member Nirolak:


  • “[Kojima] is always there in some form.”
  • They have new games, but they won’t be talking about them for the most part (especially the big surprises) before the show
  • “Another thing you’ll see this year — yes, we have new game announcements, but we also have a lot of ongoing games. People keep playing games as services, and they’ll have updates around new content and features that may get revealed at the show. Maybe it’s not a new game announcement, but it’s something that will matter to a massive player base around the world. That’s new and evolving. Last year, with PUBG, we announced Miramar, their second map. We revealed that at the show. That was a big moment. I think you’ll see more of that kind of thing with a lot of different games this year.”
  • “Most of the major publishers will be sharing news on what they’re doing in the future.”
  • Geoff would like the show to debut more core oriented mobile games overtime, but is less enthused about showing off VR or AR games due to the limited target audience as of today [Edit: Since people seem confused, this isn’t a statement about awards.]
  • It’s their biggest line-up ever as mentioned in the other thread


  • Last year’s show was seen by 18 million viewers
  • This year’s show will cost millions of dollars to produce
  • Geoff plans the show for about 6 months, and spends his other 6 months (sans vacation) on E3
  • Geoff has a core team of 5 people who work on the show, but the final production staff gets into the hundreds
  • The cutoff date for games is mid-November or so, so Smash won’t be eligible
  • Battlefield will be eligible due to its early access thing
  • Games from previous years can actually be nominated for Game of the Year, so for example, Fortnite could be nominated this year despite coming out this year
  • Geoff is very curious to see how the awards evolve as a larger and larger percentage of games become ongoing games that are just updated over time
  • Geoff notes it has been harder for multiplayer games to traditionally win the big awards, though though Overwatch might have signaled some change on that front
  • Trending Gamer has been split into “Content Creator” (YouTube/Twitch/etc) and “Global Gaming Citizen” which is more about community figures and evangelizers.
  • Geoff is not trying to be the Oscars or take down the Oscars or anything like that.
  • Geoff likes the Games For Impact category as it highlights content a lot of people haven’t heard about before and then found interesting when they looked it up.