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07. Feb, 2019

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is coming up quickly and judging by how the community talk about The Division and the way Ubisoft has supported the game over its nearly three-year lifespan, the sequel is going to be huge. All that said, the Private Beta for The Division 2 is now available! This beta is open only to player who have pre-ordered either at retail or digitally, or players who have received a code from The Division 2 Beta Sign-up Page.

The Beta began today, February 7 and runs through Sunday, Feb 10. In the beta there will be a decent amount of content to give those hungry players a taste of what they can expect when The Division 2 arrives later next month, including an endgame mission that opens tomorrow, Feb 8!

Explore a transformed Washington DC and get a glimpse of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 in the Private Beta. Play through 2 main missions, 5 side missions, and discover the eastern part of the open world full of additional activities. Experience the all new, revamped Dark Zone East for a chance to get your hands on rare gear; and fight in Skirmish 4v4 PvP Mode. Starting on February 8th at 8AM PDT, immerse yourself in The Division 2 endgame with three all new specializations, and a challenging endgame mission!

For those who want another shot at getting in, besides the Ubisoft sign-up page, Dave, Ben, and Glenn will be playing and streaming the game later tonight. Dave will also be giving out codes to get into the beta, so if Ubisoft never got back to you, we got you covered. Join the guys around ~8 PM Eastern tonight on the PSNation Twitch Channel. (Go ahead and hit that subscribe button while you’re there, please.) Dave was pretty positive in his Hands-On Preview of the game, so I urge you check that out as well.

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The Division 2 Private Beta Running Now









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