The Cycle: A New Competitive Quest Shooter – Playtesting Friday April 26

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YAGER Development GmbH

23 April 2019

The Cycle – A New Competitive Quest Shooter – Playtesting Friday April 26 – 5PM CEST / 11 AM EDT

The new competitive quest shooter (PvEvP), The Cycle is being developed by Berlin based Yager Development GmbH. The Cycle offers up a new combination in PvP that has never been explored before. A PvE struggle against a dangerous planet and its hostile alien creatures, with the brutal PvP struggle for resource dominance.

You compete against or work with other players – Prospectors – to claim as much resources as possible to escape Fortuna III. Victory goes to the Prospector that completes the most contracts during the match and evacuates the planet in time.

Fortuna III is a world terraformed by aliens long ago, full of resource riches, and death to those caught on the surface during the Cycle. A world spanning radiation storm, the Cycle will tear you apart if you don’t make it back to the evac ship in time. Aside from the massive storm, the local inhabitants have adapted to survive the surface and even draw power from the storm. The closer the next Cycle gets, the stronger the enemies become.

Image by:
YAGER Development GmbH

Play Your Way –

The Cycle allows players to play how they would like. In theory, you can play the game without any PvP at all.

  • Select a faction you’d like to support at the start of each match and fulfill their contracts. The more contracts you manage to finish, the more rewards you’ll receive!
  • Encounter a fellow Prospector during the match? Reconsider shooting them on sight! You can pact with others on the fly, so they might be a valuable ally. Maybe, if you wait for the right opportunity, you can even stab them in the back!
  • Customize your gearset with all the options you want to have available during a match. Select from a wide variety of different Weapons, Abilities and Kits and mod them to your liking.
  • Use the rewards you receive for your efforts to craft more gear. Weapons, Abilities, Kits and a bunch of mods are at your disposal. And worry not! There is no equipment you cannot craft with the materials you find during a trip down to Fortuna III.

Image by:
YAGER Development GmbH


A New Frontier:

Explore the world of Fortuna III – a hostile, beautiful new world, full of fortune, alien life, and other players looking to take its riches.

Competitive Quester:

Shooting may give you an edge – but the best players are those who can take on dangerous jobs during a match.


Orbiting Fortuna III, the station is a leftover from a time of colonization and exploitation. It is now home to Prospectors and the factions that have an interest in their excursions – for different reasons.


Take on jobs for different factions when you are down on the planet. As reputation grows with a faction, players will get access to more technology which might change the way they play and win.


Players can meet on the surface of Fortuna III and join uneasy alliances with one another as they complete contracts. Or players can directly start as a squad on the planet.


The cycle leaves only a narrow window of opportunity – stay too long, and you will be trapped on the planet.


Items found in matches can be used for crafting in the station which can then in return be used in matches.


A wide selection of gear that players progress through, tailoring their character to their individual playstyle, with more options regularly added.

Image by:
YAGER Development GmbH

“There are elements of The Cycle that may seem familiar, but at the concept’s core is players. The ones that want to team up, the ones that want to focus on objectives, the ones out to take down some trophy monster and of course the ones who – despite everything – will go around trying to blow away other players.”

Rich Stanton – Kotaku UK

Check out the Alpha Gameplay Reveal –

The Cycle – GDC Gameplay Trailer –

The Cycle Info:

YAGER Development GmbH
Based in Berlin, Germany

Release Date:
Closed Beta: Q2 2019
Open Beta: Q3 2019

Initially: Windows PC
Future Plans: Console



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