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New items are dropping in TFT very soon, and I want to help people understand and best ways to use them. As well we got some new changes to items and XP with levels.

Let’s start with item boxes when going against minions at the start and mid fights. They will drop item orbs instead of boxes, but not they will be color-coded, gray as basic, and blue as rare, and purple for extra unique. With being gray, you will mostly like get an essential item, or you will get 1 to 5 golds. With the blue orb you can get 1 to 2 champions, or 5 to 9 gold, as well you can get some items. If you get the purple globe well you can get 2 to 3 champions as well you can get a full piece instead of part of details.

Time for the new base item is called the Sparring Gloves, it is active with 10% dodge, and 10% crit chance, and when the item is made with an attack item you get more crit chance when defense item you will get more dodge chance. The Gloves will create a new item chain, with fantastic stuff it can make.

Sparring Gloves combos

Sparring Gloves plus Sparring Gloves will make a Thief’s Gloves with this item you start the round with two random items could be two completed items or one complete and 1 part of an item. I would not put this on your carry, maybe on a secondary carry incase you get items that the champion can not use.

Sparring Gloves plus Tear of the Goddess will get you the Hand of Justice; and with this, at the begging of the round you will randomly gain either 40% increased damage, or you will get 40 life points. For me like this on a brawler team that gets extra heath or a shapeshifter that get extra health, and or additional damage.

Sparring Gloves plus BF Sword will make you an infinity-edge; best for most carries that are ad based for when you have it on your crits now make 200% more damage Great for a gunslinger, a blademaster or an assassin.

Sparring Gloves plus Needlessly large rod will make an Arcane Gauntlet; with this, it will make magic champions crit with there abilities. Like a sorcerer team with extra damage with a crit chance, like putting it on an Aurelion Sol and when he ults the enemy champion farthest away he can crit them all.

Sparring Gloves plus Negatron Clock will make a Quicksilver item. When it is on a champion, you will prevent the next crowd control effect that affects the wearer and will refresh every 5 seconds, great on a heavy carry for the last item or some protection.

Sparring Gloves plus Chain Vest will make an Iceborne Gauntlet. With this item, you will get a spell shield at the start of the round, and the enemy champion to break the sheal will get stunned. Iceborne Gauntlet is great on the tank at the front and hopes there carry hits your tank to get stunned.

Sparring Gloves plus Recurve Bow will make a Repeating Crossbow. This item is fun for me personally you will place this on a front line semi-weak champion, and when the character dies, it jumps to the next champion with 20 % crit and 20 % attack speed and keeps jumping and stacks on to of each other.

The last item for the Sparring gloves with a spatula this makes Mittens with this item you will get more crit chance and dodge chance as well, as well it will make the user a Yordle. It can help when you need another Yordle in comp to make another champion.

As well we have some new stuff that came out are new items some got updated like BF plus BF will make lords edge, this item is excellent on attack damage champions and when this champion gets a kill you will get a bf sword on that champions. It can be strong when it happens that you can kill many champions and have three lords edge at that moment.

The last change with this upcoming patch is BF Sword plus Recurve Bow, and this item will make sure you can not miss an attack. Last Whisper is strong against a team comp of Yordles that can dodge attacks; it is an item to the good against them.