TFT Rise of the Elements

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League of Legends has upgraded TFT game mode with a whole new game. New characters, new fields, and a whole new way to play, and I love this a lot more. I cant wait to see how this way to play expands and see if it changes with the more people joining and it going to mobile as well.

Let’s start with some significant changes, and we will get into characters after. So they added another line to the field to make it bigger for more play options. Now there each game will be based on a dragon, Inferno, Ocean, Mountian, or Wind. Wach dragon will; at the start of 1-1, there will be a circle on the field, and it will tell you what dragon the round is based. The power boost it gives will be on the same square for both you and your enemy.

So for the dragons, Inferno dragon will gain attack speed for the duration of combat. When there is an Ocean Dragon, then at the start of combat, you will game some additional mana, and it is suitable for a mana hungry team that some people build. The Mountain Dragon, the characters will gain permanent health and stacks between rounds and remains even if the champions are moved off the Hex. Last is the Wind Dragon; Will Gain dodge chance for the whole combat that round. This was one of the most significant changes with the complete adding of dragons.

Let’s jump into the elements that all the characters will have and what each one of them can do.

Inferno – Element type will cause their abilities to ignite the ground beneath their targets temporarily, damaging enemies standing in the fire, Damages increases with more Inferno champions.

Ocean – Ocean Champions will gain mana quicker, allowing them to use there ability to be used quicker. Six champions total.

Mountain – Mountain Champions grants a massive shield to a random ally at the start of combat. Three champions total.

Wind – Wind Champions gives your team with more dodge chance. Three champions total.

Crystal – Crystal Champions grants them a maximum limit to the amount of damage they can take from a single ability or attack. Three Champions in total.

Desert – Desert Champions will reduce your opponent teams’ armor; with more champions, the more it will go down. Four champions total.

Electic – Electric heroes cause like a chain electic attack from wow, and sometimes will crit. Three Champions total.

Glacial – Glacial Champions grants their attack to stun, and the stun chances go up with more champions on the field. Five Champions total.

Light – Light champions when one of them dies, the other champions will gain attack speed, and a portion of the life points back as well, and it does stack when multiple champions die. Six champions total.

Steel – Steel champions become immune to damages when they drop below 50% health. Two champions total.

Poison – Poison champions when they attack it makes the enemy’s ability cost more, so it takes longer for them to cast their abilities. Four champions total.

Shadow – Shadow champion will make the champions will make them deal more damage for the first few seconds of combat. The more you have, the more damage and longer it will last. Five champions total.

Woodland – Woodland champions will cause one of them to create a clone themselves at the start of combat randomly. Four champions total.

Classes also got changed around as well, a class lets you know how the character is going to fight in the battle for you.

Alchemist – only Singed- and he can move thought other unites and never stops moving thought the battle.

Assassin, they go stealth and jump across the board to attack the enemies backline, the more assassin you have, the higher there critical strike damage increases.

Berserker has six units, and for them, they have a higher chance of doing damage in a cone behind the target they are attacking.

Blademaster has four unites in it. Blademasters have a chance to attack the enemy. They are attacking 2 or 3 times per attack.

The Summoner has six units, and with then, they add more health and attack damage to they unites that they spawn, and the unites do not count to the total you can have on the board.

Druid has three units and has health regeneration

The Mage with a total of six units, they have a chance to use there spell two times instead of the one that it usually does.

Mystic, has four units in this class and the more you have on the feeling, the more all your allies will have magic resistance

Predator has four units in it, and when there are three on the field, their attacks can instantly kill a low heath unit.

Rangers have six units, and the more they have on the field, they have a chance to rase there attack speed.

Warden is the last class, and has the most at seven, the more you have you ger more armor on the warden characters.

This is just a start on the new changes on the TFT elements; the character will be later this week, as well tas the new items will be posted next week for more and more updates. I can’t wait for this game to go mobile so I can play more at work.