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League of Legends Team Fight Tactics has changed for the better, for me at least. TFT is an auto chess style game by league of legends. They wanted to keep adding more champions and more synergies to the game alone. They added more Shapeshifter, brawlers, and added a new origin, as Hextech.

With this update to the game, it is time to add more synergies and champions. They added a new Brawler, making it now 6 in the game allowing all 6 to gain 1200 extra HP. Gunslingers also got a new champion enabling them to have a chance to fire three additional attacks on champions. Shapeshifters to me are the significant change with another champion, allowing an extra 120% bonus health when they transform. Last, we have another Blademaster when there is nine; they will have a chance to gain four additional attacks.

First champion for me to talk about is Camile, a Hextech Blademaster. She is the lowest cost unit added at 1 coin, and can be grabed early game for and early blademaster synergy. Her ability is Hextech Ultimatum, she roots and damages her current auto-attack target. As well she changes all allies to attack the champion that she ulted. In the meta, camile can help your team focue fire and kill a chamipon a bit quicker.

I love to par her next to ur hyper carry so that when ults the enemy ur carry can focue fire and kill that champion. Just make sure you place her in a nice area so she does not attack the tank and can get to the enemys carry.

Jayce, is up next, he is a HexTech, Shapeshifter. He will be coming in at 2 gold coins to grab him. He is a melee chapion to start and when he hits his ult he will go into a ranged chapion when changed. His ult is Thundering Blow + Transform Mercury Cannon, he knocks back his target then he will change to ranged, gainning max attack speed for a few attacks.

I love him when i want to loss the front line, when he hits the tank to there back line so he has to walk back up. then chaning to range champion do damages to there back line. He is a rare breed in the game, that can change the arange ment that ur emeny set up for them. his ult cost very little so he can use it very quickly to mess up the enemy team layout.

Vi, another Hextech, brawler and she will come out at 3 gold coins. Her ult is a fun one Assault and Battery, where she goes after the farteest champion and rames through them until she gets to the champion in witch she will knock up the champion she is tarteting, she deals chapion in and on the way to the chapion.

She is excellent in a Brawler comp so she can get some more health and attack the backline. That is her mean the thing in charging in the backline. Give her a Tear item and see her fly across the map over and overdoing damage to their whole team. I gave her a death cap and watch her do significant damage to there team.

Last we have Jinx the main hyper carry of the Hexteck line, as well she is a gunslinger. She will be the most at 4 gold. Hey abilityis Get Excited, where she gets excited when she get a kills a champion, and then she gains attack speed and pulls out her gun, Fishbones, for and AoEd amages on autos.

I love to play her as my hyper carry for most games, with a vary tanky front line to protect her so she can get some take downs, that allows her to AoE the ememy team for the win. With her I always want to have at least 1 gunslinger with her so she can attack another enemy as well when she does a basic attack with her ability acitve.

Now for the people wondering about the HexTech line there ability starts at 2 of them on the field, when they shoot a built before the fight that does an AoE that stuns Items for 5 sec. When you get all 4 of them it will disable the item for 15 sec, and in games that are item dependent it will help you in the long run.

All pics belong to riot games.