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Teamfight tactics, a new game mode from Riot games that is just like AutoChess from DOTA2. It is a new way for Riot games to get around and try new game modes and for them to listen to the community and give them something that many people have been asking for. A fast paste 8 player, so you dont have a team to complain about, it is all luck on champions and items you get.

I have been playing the DOTA2 version for about 5 monnths and have been playing league of legends for that last 4 years, so to see them come out with this I got excited to play. There are many champions, those old players and new players to the game will remember like Warwick to Pyke.


Each champion will fall into it own Origin and Class, and if you have a combination of some then they will get power-ups to hellp defect the player that you are against. There are many synergies that become even more powerful like a 4 wild, 2 shapeshifters, 2 dragon iso ta great comp.

When you start the game you start off at level 1 and can put 1 champion on the hexigonal field, as well you start in circle with all the other plays as 10 champions move in a circle infront you and everyone else as well. When the circle is released you all move up and try to pick a champion to start your round off.

When each round ends you will get 2 exp points to help raise your level, as well you can buy exp points with in game gold. In game gold in made when the round ends, and is determend on what is going on. If you are going against the NPC character then you will not get extra gold, when fighting with someone and win you will get an extra 1 gold added. Your level determans how much gold you will get, and if you are on a win or loss streak. So the goal is to win a lot and get more gold to buy characters.

When a round ends, and the next round stars you can buy and sell character out of the 5 they give you, and you can reroll the pool that they give you for 2 gold. But if you like to make money quick you would try to save up after each 10 gold you have at the end of a fight (max 50) you can gain 1 to 5 gold to add to the pot.

Each champion starts at a 1-star unit after you collect 3 of the same character at 1 star it will move up to a 2-star after you collect 3, 2-star units it will be it strongest at a 3-star unit. So savinng money and rolling to get the champions that you want to level up is the best.

When going against NPC character you will get a chance to get win items off them, and it is all random you can get 1 or you none. But each item is basic form extra health to more armor, but when you combine to items, you can make a full item that can silence, or even let you atttack more, or also change their origin to help out with your synergy.

When you loss against a player you will take damage, you start at 100 and you do not want to hit 0 because when you do it is over. When you are that low ever so often you and the rest of the player will go to the center for another carosel of champions with items on them, but the differnce is the last 2 places will go first and it will slowly make it way to the 1st person. It is a way for last place to get another chapion to help level up or to make an item that you are wanting to get.


In the regular client you can buy eggs and sometimes win eggs from missions, so you can get a character to repercent you in game. It are all random and you can 3 star them as well. So in game you can see where you are compared to the rest of the players, it is a way to help you find out where you are real quick.

There is also a lot of changes that will be added to this game, from new champions, items, orgens and etc. It will be a game that will be pacthed every tuesday just like the regular game of league of legends, as well a ranking system will be added to this game mode as well. So if you are a league of legends player and love to try new free games it will something I would recomend to try out, even if for a few times. It to me is way to much fun and it is only between 30 to 40 min games if you are winning.

If you are wanting to learn more and more about the game, there are many streamsers and youtubers playing the game and exsplaing this game and how they like to play and work. Some of my favaorite youtubers, are Scarra(he also made the cheat sheets for the classes and items), Disguised Toast, and Amaz Hearthstone, just to name a few.

All pictures are owned by RIOT games inc.