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Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to Release Fall 2019, New Plants vs. Zombies Title on the Way

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order release date This image is from The Force Unleashed series. There are currently no images available for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

If you’ve been wondering when EA might finally stop cancelling, rebooting, or shifting developers on its Star Wars titles, a recent earnings call may have given us some answers. According to one of the call highlights, Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order release date is set for fall 2019. In the same statement, EA mentioned that the expected to deliver a new Plants vs. Zombies title as well.

Earnings calls give investors a chance to look at the past performance of a company while giving them insight into future plans so that they can make smart market decisions. In this EA earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson said there was “a deep line-up of new experiences that we’ll bring to our global communities next fiscal year.” (EA’s current fiscal year ends March 31, 2019.)

Following up on that statement, COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen said “Looking forward, we’re delighted to launch Anthem, our new IP, to grow Apex Legends and related Titanfall experiences, to deliver new Plants vs. Zombies and Need for Speed titles, and to add Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to our sports titles in the fall.”

While the wording of that last part initially seems a bit odd (Star Wars Jedi is a sports title now?), Star Wars Jedi is, in fact, not a sports title. Jorgensen was simply saying that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order would be joining EA’s yearly roster of sports titles with a fall release. Since announcing the title of the game at last year’s E3, we had heard basically nothing more about Respawn’s Star Wars game until Jorgensen’s comment.

Fall could mean anytime from September to November, depending on how the publisher is choosing to define the seasons. Given that the specifically mention adding it alongside the sports lineup in the fall, we’re guessing they mean September, which is traditionally when most EA Sports titles find a release date. This would give EA and Respawn ample time to fully unveil the game, show it off at E3, and then get it out ahead of the usually busy fall gaming season that starts in September and doesn’t let up until we’re into December.

Plants vs. Zombies is also an interesting mention, and after last year’s rumor surrounding a Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3 announcement, fans are hopeful that the console hero shooter based on the mobile title gets another entry. Of course, they could just be talking about another mobile entry in the series, which has been somewhat of a trend recently.

By mentioning these games in the earnings call, there’s a level of confidence about those statements as they relate to investors. With Sony out of the way at E3 this year, it would be a prime place for EA to announce and/or show us more.

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We Might be Getting the First Borderlands Game of the Year Edition On PS4 Soon

Borderlands PS4

Earlier, we reported on the Devil May Cry 5 trophies being leaked by a Reddit user. What does that have to do with Borderlands, you might wonder? That same user seems to have evidence to support that Borderlands Game of the Year Edition will be making its way to PS4, as well. In the same Reddit thread, it looks like the entire trophy list has been leaked—81 trophies in all—showing the game would not only be coming to PS4, but it will include all previously released DLC.

This includes Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, The Secret Army of General Knox, and Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution. Although Gearbox hasn’t officially announced Borderlands GOTY Edition for PS4, the trophy list seems legit and it makes sense that we’d get it after the success of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which released in 2015 and only included Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Until we hear an official announcement from Gearbox, it’s unclear what the price will be, when it will release, and if there will be any additional goodies included for the PS4 version, but the trophy list already being out there makes it seem like it might be coming soon. Gearbox also released Borderlands 2 in VR at the end of 2018, and this rumor put some weight on getting all-new Borderlands soon (Borderlands 3?).

Gearbox might have their hands tied, as they’re currently in the middle of a messy lawsuit with their former attorney involving some sensational accusations. This may explain why they’ve been so silent when it comes to Borderlands 3, as well as the supposed Borderlands GOTY Edition. It’s obvious that Gearbox is working on a brand new Borderlands, but oddly enough, it has not been officially been revealed either.

Since the trophies are live for Borderlands GOTY Edition, it’s likely that it will release soon. That’s usually an indication that the game has gone gold and that copies have made it to Sony for approval.

We’ll keep you updated with more Borderlands news as it rolls out.

[Source: Reddit]

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Limited Run Games Is Releasing Spelunky Physically for PS4 and PS Vita

Spelunky Physical Release

Limited Run Games recently received more Vita cartridges, allowing the company to release more games for the platform. Among the last few releases will be Spelunky, a procedurally generated platformer filled with plenty of secrets and a whole lot of charm. This Friday, February 8, 2019 at 10 am EST you’ll be able to purchase a physical version of Spelunky on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, as announced on the official Limited Run Games Twitter account.

A few days ago the account cryptically tweeted out a box resembling a golden head partially covered by rocks. People were quick to predict this was a Spelunky reference, specifically to the Golden Idol.

Now that the standard edition of Spelunky has been announced a fan followed up on the mysterious Tweet. At the time of writing, Limited Run Games hasn’t revealed this secret yet. Perhaps a special collector’s edition will drop. Or perhaps this is a reference to another game entirely. Take the company’s shrug gif reaction for what you will.

Here at PlayStation LifeStyle, we’ve always thought Spelunky played best on the Vita and now fans will be able to have that experience forever without worrying about the game being pulled from the PlayStation Network. And with Spelunky 2 set to release sometime in 2019, this seems like the perfect time to dive back in.

[Source: Limited Run Games]

Limited Run Games Is Releasing Spelunky Physically for PS4 and PS Vita

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PlayStation New Releases This Week: February 5, 2019 – Are You A God?

PS4 New Releases

This week’s PS4 new releases features God Eater 3 as the biggest release of the week, followed by Pro Fishing Simulator, Spike Volleyball, and Evoland Legendary Edition. There are four PSVR releases coming this week and a single Vita release to remind you it is still alive.

*All games/content are releasing in North America and Europe, unless otherwise noted

Please check out the full list of releases below.

PS4 New Releases

PSVR New Releases

  • Crisis VRigade (Digital)
  • Fear of Bugs – The Fear Experience (Digital) – Out 2/7
  • The Mage’s Tale (Digital)
  • Rage Room (Digital) – Out 2/4

PS Vita New Releases

  • Access Denied (Digital – Cross Buy)

*Keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change, and more games/DLC will likely be added during the PlayStation Store updates in North America and Europe on Tuesday. For PlayStation VR game requirements, be sure to check out the product page before buying the PSVR game.

Let us know in the comments which PlayStation 4 games you plan to pick up this week and if you’re excited about any of this week’s digital releases. Also, be sure to check our release date pages for February 2019 PS4 games, in order to stay on top of the upcoming PS4, PSVR, and PS Vita releases.

PlayStation New Releases This Week: February 5, 2019 – Are You A God?

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Sony CFO Doesn’t Think Cloud Gaming Will Impact Consoles in the Near Future

cloud gaming

Following the publication of Sony’s latest financial report, Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki held a conference call with investors and analysts during which he talked about potential risks and uncertainties going forward.

According to a translation by Twinfinite, Totoki revealed that the rising popularity of cross-platform free-to-play games could pose a threat to business. He also thinks cloud gaming will eventually have an impact on consoles but, unlike some analysts, he doesn’t think it poses any immediate threat.

In terms of the future, Totoki cautioned against being “too optimistic” due to the emergence of “several macroeconomic and geopolitical risks.” He also asked investors to be “conscious of potential volatility in profitability” at this point in the console cycle.

“We are working to mitigate that volatility by leveraging the more-than 91.6 million unit cumulative install base of the PlayStation 4 to benefit from the new business model created by network services and add-on content sales,” he added.

Elsewhere in his speech, Totoki said that he has asked Sony’s various business units to be sensitive to changes in the environment.

“Preparing for risks means a thorough review of the operations of each of our businesses and a strengthening of each business to minimize potential damage,” Totoki explained. “It also means preparing to recover quickly and go on the offensive once the environment improves. In our first and second mid-range plans, we were able to transform Sony’s business model and improve our profitability. In our third mid-range plan, we are continuing to work to strengthen our operating efficiency to achieve steady growth over the long-term.”

For more on Sony’s FY2018 Q3 earnings, head over to the company’s website.

[Source: Twinfinite via Gamasutra]

Sony CFO Doesn’t Think Cloud Gaming Will Impact Consoles in the Near Future

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Watch Crush 40 Shred in the Studio for Team Sonic Racing

team sonic racing music

For a few months now, Sega has been ramping up its promotional efforts for Sumo Digital’s upcoming racer, Team Sonic Racing. Curiously, a lot of that promotion has revolved around the game’s soundtrack. From remixes coming to the game, to remixes that just seem to be for funsies, this content has been gradually rolled out on YouTube. But today, we got an extra peek at how the hedgehog sausage is actually made.


In this video, we get to see shredding legend Jun Senoue and his Crush 40 pals (among others) doing what they do best in the recording studio. They go through several tracks, including “Frozen Junkyard,” “Market Street,” and “Green Light Ride.” That last one has vocals, but unfortunately we don’t see any footage of the singer in action.

This video seems to be part one of a series, so you can expect to see more behind the scenes content if you pay attention to the Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel. This is happening at the same time Sega has started to release new remixes of the Sonic Mania Adventures soundtrack, which doesn’t seem to actually have anything to do with Team Sonic Racing directly. Of course, the channel has also released remixes that will be featured in the game, some of them featuring collaboration between the Japanese talent, and people involved with Sonic Mania and elsewhere in the Sonic fan community.

Music has always been a big part of Sonic the Hedgehog as a series, and it’s interesting to see Sega lean so hard on that aspect on the road to Team Sonic Racing‘s launch. Which, by the way, is set for May 21, 2019.

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Twitch’s Overwatch League All-Access Pass is Now Available

overwatch league all-access pass

Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming service that hoists the careers of many a streamer, has launched what it is calling “the best way to experience the 2019 Overwatch League season.” The Overwatch League All-Access Pass is a single purchase Twitch members can make, that will remove ads, provide a “command center” of unique features, and provide several other bonuses for Overwatch League fans.

You can pick up an Overwatch League All-Access Pass for $14.99 right now, and Twitch Prime members who are active will also receive a 500 Bit bonus with their purchase. The marquee feature here is the command center, which gives viewers control over their Overwatch League viewing experience. Viewers will be able to choose between player POV on demand, able to swap at will. An “overhead map” is also available.

Pass-owners will get a few bonuses, such as a discount on Overwatch League merchandise, and 200 Overwatch League tokens they can use in-game towards League-themed Hero skins. They will also be able to choose a set of three team emotes for Twitch chat. The Pass also includes two exclusive chat badges, for further flexing opportunities.

Additional features include ad-free viewing when watching official Overwatch League channels, a Passholder-only chat channel, and Q & A sessions with professional players.

This year’s season of the Overwatch League is right around the corner. Things get started on February 14, 2019. While everything will be streamed, some matches will also be broadcast via ESPN/Disney XD/ABC including opening week matchups Hangzhou Spark vs Shanghai Dragons, Houston Outlaws vs Boston Uprising, and Philadelphia Fusion vs Atlanta Reign.

[Source: Twitch]

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Koei Tecmo is Celebrating 15 Years of Samurai Warriors with a Special Broadcast

samurai warriors anniversary

Samurai Warriors, a spinoff of the regular Dynasty Warriors series that focuses on Japanese history and mythology rather than Chinese, has been trucking along since the PlayStation 2. Despite there only being (technically) four core entries in the series, the 15th anniversary is right around the corner. To that end, Koei Tecmo has announced a special broadcast that will feature series producer Hisashi Koinuma and more.

This news was translated by the folks over at Gematsu. Koei Tecmo’s Samurai Warriors 15th Anniversary Broadcast will be streamed on February 6, 2019, from 21:00 to 23:20 JST (7:00 AM to 9:20 AM ET) on both YouTube and Periscope. As noted earlier, producer Hisashi Koinuma will be on deck to talk about the Samurai Warriors series as a whole, and its 15 years on the map. This will be paired with gameplay footage of various titles. Koinuma will also talk (the format here isn’t clear) about playable characters still in demand.

Finally, the broadcast will also feature some sort of news revolving around 15th anniversary collaboration projects. It’s anyone’s guess what that means, but it could be anything from DLC to mobile game content. As an added bonus, the agenda also includes, “more…” Could that be a new core game announcement? That’s generally what happens with events like these, but there’s no way to know until it happens.

In the meantime, fans in Japan can eagerly await the next spinoff in the Samurai Warriors 4 sub-series, Samurai Warriors 4 DX. This title is set to launch on March 14 in Japan, for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. This is a complete edition of the previous core game, which comes with all the DLC out of the box.

[Source: Gematsu]

Koei Tecmo is Celebrating 15 Years of Samurai Warriors with a Special Broadcast

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The Division 2’s Private Beta Will Give Players a First Look at Endgame Content

the division 2 private beta

Ubisoft has revealed more details on the upcoming private beta for The Division 2, including what players taking part in it can expect. While it will unsurprisingly give player a taste of what to expect when the game launches in March 2019, it somewhat surprisingly gives players a glimpse of what they can do after they (we assume) take back Washington D.C.

Check out the overview for The Division 2 beta here:


While the beta doesn’t start until February 7, 2019, players will be able to preload it on February 6th. It will officially go live at 1 am PST. As a reminder, anyone who preorders The Division 2 is guaranteed a spot in the beta. However, everyone else can still try to earn a spot in the beta with the public sign-ups.

As for the beta itself, players can explore the post-apocalyptic D.C. It will have a level cap of seven, which should be plenty for such a limited time. It also features seven missions altogether, two main missions and five side missions. The main missions can be played in Story, Normal, and Hard modes. Players can also experience one of The Division 2’s new Dark Zones, and they will also be able to play the new “Skirmish” PvP mode.

However, the following day, on February 8th, the beta will open up even more. Players can get their first taste of the endgame content in The Division 2. The level cap will be raised to 30, and one “Invaded” mission will be available. The Survivalist, Sharpshooter, and Demolitionist specializations can also be unlocked.

The beta will be live from February 7 to February 11, 2019. It will be playable on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Division 2 will release on March 15, 2019 on the same platforms.

The Division 2’s Private Beta Will Give Players a First Look at Endgame Content

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Learn More About the Destiny 2 Crimson Days Valentine’s Day Event, Thanks to a Leak

Destiny 2 Crimson Days

Activision and Bungie may be breaking up, but Valentine’s Day is still just around the corner. Destiny 2‘s upcoming Valentine’s Day themed event, Crimson Days, was already officially confirmed by Bungie to run from February 12-19, 2019. However, more details have yet to be shared. Now, players have datamined an image that supposedly shows off the details of this event. This is allegedly set to occur as an in-game pop-up when players initially log into the game, once the event begins.

Valentine’s Day may be reserved for romantic love, but Crimson Days involves pairing up with a friend and taking on bounties and Crucible matches. Prove you’re a dynamic duo and earn a 650 Power Legendary Bow called The Vow. Below, you can find the supposed details for this Destiny 2 event.

Love is in the Air

Crimson Days — a celebration of friendship, togetherness, and love — returns to the Tower. Suit up, find your Crimson Bond, then speak to Lord Shaxx to start the celebration. Shaxx is offering a 650 Power Legendary Bow to anyone able to prove their perfect union in the Crucible.

Stay Sweet

You and your bond can collect Confectionery Hearts by completing Crimson Bounties and Crimson Days matches. Use these sweet treats to earn new rewards and celebrate Crimson Days in style.

Get Together

Sync up with your friends to complete challenging new Triumphs and earn your Ghost a unique Sugary Shell. Feel the love with double the engrams: earn one Crimson Engram and one Season of the Forge Etched Engram with every level-up past max level during Crimson Days. Collect themed shaders and gear, and spread the Crimson spirit with the new Tiny Bow emote.

[Source: Reddit via Polygon]

Learn More About the Destiny 2 Crimson Days Valentine’s Day Event, Thanks to a Leak