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Albion Online, Whats your Story? True Cross Platform

Albion online is a sandbox mmo across almost all platforms! Much like Runescape there are many skills such as crafting, refining, and combat. All skills have multiple options to explore for skill trees. The game encourages you to play the way you want with such options as being an adventure, entrepreneur, a soldier, bandit, and more! Enjoy PVP if that is the way you want to play or stay to PVE zones to avoid that hassle. Albion Online is free to play with pay for premium features. For me and my play style the premium feature is irrelevant since I play casually. For some this may be a deal breaker however I do still recommend trying the game and forming an opinion

What is Gameplay like?

Much like Runescape you press/ click where you want to move and interact with. I have played both on my PC and my phone ( Note 10+ 4k resolution) and both clients work great! You will start the game in a tutorial island that at first feels very simple. Don’t let this sway you. The tutorial quickly expand and you will want to pay attention to what the tutorial has to offer. It will introduce you to combat, skills, crafting, and the basics of the economy if you chose to explore it. Crafting is simple but satisfying and in later stages will be essential to the marketplace. Armor, weapons, and tools all have durability that will eventually break and need to be replaced.

Crafting is the process of going out into the world and gathering a variety of raw materials from nature. Basic materials you will encounter early on will be ores, hides, wood, and stone ect. After collecting the appropriate amount you need you will go back to a town and work at a station/ npc to refine the materials. Most crafting and refining will be done this way. As far as I can tell most cities you travel to will have said stations that will allow you to get the work done. There is a limited carry capacity of goods within your character. However I believe that certain mounts can expand the amount of goods carried.

The economy!

This is huge for any sandbox mmo game. Luckily we seem to have been provided one where the vast majority of goods are completely player driven between supply and demand. With most everything having durability players will need to craft and sell goods for players who can’t be bothered to craft said goods. Because of this and the many other play styles most anything from raw materials to refined/ crafted goods have value! Most importantly each market is local based meaning all items sold in one location have to be acquired at that location. This means armed escorts for warrior players will be essential for traveling merchant players.

PvP and such.

Even though its not quite my style I still enjoy the fear of other players in the world. Outside the protection of the royal guards lies many players waiting to strike and take what is yours. Because players will be traveling with goods to sell at prime locations and that will make them targets. But why do players attack other players? Most of the time is for wealth opportunities. Alternatively players will do it just for the reaction and that is an option for you.

Pvp will be a combination of what skills you chose to learn and stats given by your equipment. Much like other combat competitive games there are combinations of skills that will counter other skills and you will have your own set of counters. When going into battle will best be done in organized groups that will have your skills exploits covered.

Additional Content.

Real estate and player housing are prevalent within Albion. When advancing through the game you will be able to buy/ build housing. You can do this on the mainland or by purchasing an island. Building your property, depending on what you build, will give bonuses to your craft or profession that you make for yourself. There are many benefits to crafting and other features in the game. To much to actually list in this article. However if craft is your game definitely consider starting a home. The benefits will be worth it.

With territory and land comes land disputes. Players owning land comes fighting over land. Guilds can fight over territory for territorial benefits. These battles, over territories, will take place as 5v5 skirmishes with the victor taking the territory. Additionally cities can be captured by guilds in big 20v20 battles. Capturing territory will benefit the guild and will stack with the more territories you own.

There is tons still to do in Albion Online And the best part is it is free to play, so why not try it out?


Albion’s Website:
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Hands On With Anthem

Anthem is a game that has been utterly shrouded in mystery. From its development cycle to what is planned for a post-launch release, Bioware Edmonton’s newest creation has been a complete enigma up until its first demo several weeks ago. Even looking at its official social media pages, its hard to discern what the final form of Anthem is truly intended to be, with little focus on showcasing the game’s systems. Even now, after the first leg of its public demo, the discussion surrounding Anthem is more based on the failings of the demo than what the game actually is.

Developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts, Anthem is an always-online MMO-lite shooter in a similar vein of Destiny 2 and features a persistent open world with drop-in-drop-out co-op gameplay. While there are certainly comparisons to be drawn between Bungie’s MMO shooter and the newest addition to the Bioware catalog, each game exists in its own circle of influence and certainly stands on its own.

On the planet of Bastion, Elder Gods once shaped the world with great machines and a force known as the Anthem of Creation. A wild and untamed elemental force, the Anthem and its melodies could create life from inanimate objects while shaping the world at its whim. Long before the rise of humanity, these gods left, leaving their relics and instruments behind on a volatile world. Now these powers threaten the very land of Bastion, and heroes have risen to meet them. Known as Freelancers, these contract-soldiers take flight in their Javelin mech suits to defend humanity from threats based on the Anthem, and those that encroach from within the very ranks of humanity itself.

This, in my opinion, is one of the more interesting and under-utilized narrative conflicts that we just haven’t seen in western game development over the last decade. Too often do we see heroes backed against a wall by an unseen or omnipotent enemy force, when sometimes the best opposition can come from nature itself. Anthem certainly has that on full display at its onset with the melodies of Bastion ripping horrific monsters into being in an instant or glassing a plain with savage licks of fire. However, this quickly turns into the introduction of a big-bad villain who attempts to weaponize the Anthem and things quickly begin to hit a tired story beat.

The narrative of Anthem is, oddly enough, one of its weaker points. Despite being known for their fantastic storytelling and wonderful narrative construction, Bioware’s strongest skill set firmly falls flat in this department, at least within the first few hours. While the introductory missions are incredibly well written and serve to inject action into the world of Bastion there is a two year time-jump immediately after this plot-line, cutting any emotional attachment to the characters we just struggled with. From there things merely chug along in Anthem, hitting story beats until the introduction of the game’s main villain.

The Monitor, leader of the Dominion and intent on wielding the fury of the Anthem.

What’s slightly more disappointing, however, is how well written the game’s wide variety of characters truly are. From your co-pilot Owen, who’s neurotically charming to a fault, to one of the Sentinels who is standoffish and uncomfortable but warms up to your character over time. Each character has a wonderful amount of time and energy put into them, with their own development arcs and unique quirks. There is a living, breathing world in Anthem, but it simply feels as if the, “why,” in existing in it doesn’t build until later in the game.

Despite the lack of why, the “How do you play in Anthem,” is incredibly fun and well worth the purchase price of the game. Most of your play time will be spent inside a Javelin, one of the Freelancer’s exo-suits. Each one is unique in its design and playstyle, fitting a different role in a traditional RPG role. Each has six unlockable equipment slots, as well as a host of unique interchangeable abilities.

The first players will have access to is the Ranger, a medium armor class Javelin. Focusing heavily on gunplay, the Ranger features abilities that veterans of Halo or Gears of War may find familiar. Starting with several artillery abilities such as grenades and missiles, this particular suit is the best for those unfamiliar with RPGs or Anthem in general; much like Soldier 76 of Overwatch, the Ranger is a great introduction for FPS players and the most versatile of each javelin. After completing the tutorial players will be able to select one of the other remaining Javelins, unlocking the others as they level up their pilot.

The Colossus is the de-facto tank of the Freelancer fleet, originally a large construction suit intended to protect workers from hazardous materials. Now the pilots of Fort Tarsis equip them as mobile siege weapons, using their bulk as an advantage in combat. Each Colossus comes equipped with a large ballistic shield, which compensates for their lack of standard energy shield. Unable to wield pistols or sub-machine gun weapons, this Javelin instead can equip heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and gatling guns. This suit is a walking siege weapon, equipped to maximize damage and come up with blunt force solutions to otherwise complicated problems.

The Interceptor is the Javelin for those looking to unlock sheer speed, being the most nimble and deadly melee combatant on the battlefield. While it boasts smaller shields than any other suit available, it recharges its shield through constant moment and speed. Standing still for the Interceptor is not the way to play. Specializing in pure damage and one-on-one combat, the Interceptor cleaves through the battlefield at lightning speed.

Hands on Anthem

New Javelins can be unlocked at pilot levels 2, 8, 16, and 24.

The final suit, and the one I spent the most playtime with, is the Storm. Wielding the elemental fury of Bastion, Storm is the casting powerhouse of the Freelancers. Boasting wide-spread area spells and effects, gunplay is used as a back-up for the destructive powers of the Anthem. Whereas other Javelins do best flitting in and out of melee combat, the Storm is best suited to hover at a distance and unleashing its fury upon the hapless enemies of the Freelancers.

Any time you step outside of the safety of Fort Tarsis, the main hub of Anthem, you’ll be loaded into one of your Javelins. Each comes loaded with several firearms be they rifles, submachine guns, pistols, shotguns or heavy ordnance. Each also has a jump-booster, a system that players can utilize to hover, glide or fly over Bastion. These jets can be activated at any time, indoors or out, but can only run for a certain amount of time; as with any flame-propulsion system it will eventually overheat.

Players can instead maximize their flight time by soaring beneath or over bodies of water, using gravity to assist their flight (such as tilting downwards or even straight down), or by flying in water-related weather patterns. This is one of Anthem’s more rewarding systems, as it simply feels good to fly and pull off various maneuvers with each Javelin especially when you can manipulate your flight pattern and stay aloft indefinitely. Each suit handles a little differently from each other based on its armor class; the beefy Colossus is sluggish and takes artillery on directly while the Interceptor rolls in and out of combat and flies as daintily as a bird.

While customization is limited when it comes to the player-character (with only one voice per sex and roughly 24 pre-rendered faces to choose from), Javelin customization is incredibly wild and varied. While each Javelin not only has replaceable parts and armaments, attainable through in-game vendors and currencies, every single color and texture of the Javelin can be customized or altered to your specifics. Leather under-linings can be changed to an all-metal super suit, capes and cloaks can be altered to be leather of any variety. Even the loadouts for your mechs can be utterly unique, turning a tanky Colossus into a long-ranged assassin or a Storm into a front-line psycher.

Hands on Anthem

The Ranger

When it comes to the gameplay of Anthem everything just feels right. Gunplay is tight and fun to engage with, flight feels great, and even simply exploring the world is fun. However, this is where the cracks in Anthem’s designs really begin to show.

Like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Anthem moves through its narrative beats and story-progression via a mission system. While this does piece out the story and lore into palatable chunks, it also makes exploring Bastion incredibly jarring. After the completion of each mission the player will be thrust out of their Javelin and into Fort Tarsis to manage their Javelin and pick up quests. While this allows players progressing quickly to optimize their loadout this does not negate the issue for players enjoying the free-roaming aspects of Bastion. If you even want to change your firearms you will have to return Fort Tarsis, enter your loadout, adjust your guns and sit through two more loading screens to return to that open world.

It’s also clear that hovering was not entirely fleshed out in regard to combat; while the Storm is built around the concept of flying high and avoiding damage, every other Javelin can also do just that as well, minimizing the threat of any enemy encounter especially in group scenarios. This reaches a paramount point towards Anthem’s endgame, which players of more recent MMO-Lite franchises may find familiar.

As the Freelancers rebuild their forces and begin to wage war on some of the deadliest parts of the Anthem, players will earn the ability to fight against Strongholds. These multiplayer encounters revolve around silencing a dangerous relic, fighting off waves of often negligible enemies and fighting off a large boss-version of those enemies, which feels again like a large bullet sponge. As bosses have no set loot table, rewards can range from low-tier uncommon items, which I received during my time at EA Redwood, to blueprints. These blueprints can be used to create Masterwork weapons, requiring players to use Anthem’s crafting system to target and develop specific end-game pieces they want, making the end-game less a targeted experience and more of a wide-sprawling attempt to find exactly what you need blindly.

Hands on Anthem

Anthem’s Loadout Screen, only accessible through the Forge at Fort Tarsis.

There also doesn’t appear to be much direction in terms of what happens after the story campaign. While there have been promises from both Electronic Arts and Bioware that there will be additional content beyond the end-game, and a confirmation from producer Scylla Costa that Bioware Houston will take over the live-service aspects of Anthem, there’s no direction into what that’s going to be. For now, running Stronghold’s appears to be the entire post end-game content, meaning that this live service will be relatively deceased after players hit the end of this RPG.

So that leaves us with one major question: where does this leave Anthem? Frankly, Anthem is an incredibly fun game when you don’t look too far past the veneer and finish. While player agency isn’t as prevalent as in other Bioware games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, neither is Anthem truly intended as a full-scale MMO nor a full-level RPG. Instead this game melds genres far more successfully than other more recent entries in the AAA sphere.

However, in comparison to those other entries, there are also quite a few gaps simply due to the setting of Bastion and the legacy of Bioware; players are used to complete agency in the designs of their characters, instead of the armor they wield. Other entries keep this customization out in the world instead of relying on older system concepts to force player evolution, allowing them to make basic adjustments on the fly instead of resetting their world to tweak a firearm. Anthem has a lot of heart, love and ingenuity baked into its very artistic essence, but the defects do stand out otherwise; some for the cracks in the façade, and others simply because Bioware has dominated this space for years.

For those interested, Anthem launches into the world on February 22nd, 2018

Disclaimer: Writer was flown out to EA’s Redwood, California Campus to preview Anthem at no cost.

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WoW Wednesday: Get Ready for The Battle of Dazar’alor!

With the Holidays behind us there’s only one big thing on the minds of adventurers in the World of Warcraft. Looming on the horizon comes the big additions for Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance; The Battle of Dazar’alor raid and the change-over to Battle for Azeroth Season 2. A whole host of changes have already made landfall with the releases of Tides back in December but end-game content will drastically change with the opening of Dazar’alor. This week we’ll be giving you the checklist to make sure you’re ready for January 22nd, when Season 2 of Battle for Azeroth begins.

Time Is Running Out!

Rated PvP Players will see their ratings returned to zero on the launch of Season 2.

With the change over to Season 2 a ton of content will become unavailable to players who haven’t participated in Season 1. While most Hall of Fames have closed worldwide, there is still plenty of time to claim your hard-earned Feats of Strength in Uldir! Both Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge for G’huun, the Raid’s final boss and the Old God of Undeath will become unavailable with the start of Season 2. Keystone Conqueror and Keystone Master for Season 1 will also become unavailable with the rollover, awarded for completing every Mythic +10 and +15 within the time limit respectively.

As always, a change of Seasons means that rewards for Player vs. Player gameplay will also be retired. Both the Seasonal Ranking Feats of Strength such as Challenger: Battle for Azeroth and onward will no longer be available, including various seasonal rewards. Players will no longer be able to grind for their faction’s Vicious War Mount, obtain the Dread Gladiator Mount, fight for their Seasonal Titles and the Elite Gladiator set for your armor specialization will no longer be obtainable (however recolors through the Warfront Caches will still be available). Ratings will also be returned to zero on your region’s respective weekly reset, meaning that any further progression for Rated Titles will be unobtainable.


Right now is the best time to get your character ready for the release of Dazar’alor! While Looking For Raid difficulty will launch one week later, it’s believed that the item-level requirement to enter will be approximately 350, making that the low-bar goal to prepare your character for its launch. Normal and Heroic raiders will be looking to score at least 15 item levels higher due to increased difficulty scaling.

While many players are already far ahead, it’s also recommended your Heart of Azeroth should be around level 35, making most pieces of Uldir gear unlockable.

If you find your main or alts are a little lacking on the gearfront, consider jumping into the Warfronts! Winning in the fields of battle will guarantee a piece of item level 340 gear. Two additional pieces of 370 gear will also be available throughout your warfront cycle, one from the quest to win the particular warfront and the second from quests available once the warfront has closed. Mythic+ dungeons can also be a quick way of obtaining item level 350 gear and can serve to supplement your gains.

The Horde War Table, planning for the Assault on Stromgarde.

For those looking to power-level your Heart of Azeroth start by hitting all of your daily Warfront contributions. These daily quests not only offer a substantial amount of reputation but 500 Azerite as well, meaning you can easily cross one full level PER DAY of turn ins. The weekly Island Expedition and daily World Quest faction rewards can result in 1000 Azerite, a titanic amount for anyone, even in the late level twenty range of their Hearts.

For anyone leaping right into Dazar’alor on launch day, make sure your guild is well equipped with supplies. As always flasks, war-scrolls, runes and more can be vital to your raid’s success. Ensure your cooks have their feasts well and ready! For scribes entering Dazar’alor, a new Vantus Rune has the chance to drop from an unknown boss in the raid. Ensure you come equipped with enough parchment and inks in case your recipe drops that week.

Alternate Options

If your main characters are already set for Season 2, consider chipping away on some of your more vital grinds. Reputation is a huge one to consider for those looking to fill out their profession recipes, as every new faction on Zuldalar and Kul Tiras has several vital recipes for your professions. The Honourbond, 7th Legion, Proudmoore Admiralty and Zandalari Empire are also reputations you should consider exalting, as they are tied into current or upcoming Allied Races.

Vindicator Jaelaana, the 7th Legion’s representative for Alliance players in Kul Tiras.

If you find that you are twiddling your thumbs waiting for new content, consider changing up your gameplay until Season 2’s release. For PvE players consider taking up some battlegrounds and work on grinding honor. Rewards for honor levels include unique mounts, toys, titles and more! Likewise PvPers can work on grinding away at several Mythic+ Dungeons for unique mounts and transmog pieces.

If the end-game doesn’t appeal to you, consider taking up a new character to tour throughout Azeroth! While you may not remember it, there’s quite a bit of the world most players don’t get to see due to the curve of leveling. With the new implementations in experience point reductions, leveling is now far more painless than it was at the launch of Battle for Azeroth.

Tour The Old World!

For the Player who only wants to focus on one character, look at exploring the wider world of Azeroth! Every player still has quests left uncompleted, storylines left unfinished, and secrets left undiscovered in the wide world of Azeroth. Consider working on several of the game’s more difficult Feats of Strength, which we’ve covered previously here on MMOGames.

Several players may also not be aware of the Glory of… meta-achievements tied to particular raid tiers. Since Wrath of the Lich King many players can now complete difficult challenges or manipulate boss mechanics to increase the difficulty of the encounter and earn achievements. Most of these are collected under the Glory of… series. All of these meta-achievements reward unique items, which are often mounts and titles.

Are you ready for the Battle of Dazar’alor? What are you doing to prepare for Season 2 of Battle for Azeroth? Let us know!

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New Alien MMO Shooter Announced

There is something on the scanner. It’s only a blip for now. Hard to pin down, hard to range. You know the scanner, you know the blip. That little sound as it pulses. We’ve all had that moment of tension as they get closer…. and soon they will get closer than they have been in a long time.
FoxNext confirmed a follow up to the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation. For fans who may not have heard the news on that, the next outing of Amanda Ripley will be on a phone as the game will be mobile. Who knows, maybe a reverse Pokemon Go where you have to avoid the monsters?

However in a tweet promising more followed by a press release reported on here [SAUCE], there is more to come in the Alien franchise. Cold Iron Studios, a developer staffed by a lot of former Cryptic developers who had their fingers in City of Heroes, Champions Online and Star Trek Online to mention a few games, is apparently developing the new game for FoxNext. The press release calls it a massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC.
When in the chronology and universe is anyone’s guess, but you can already hear it now. The credo. The words that come so easily to mind in the voice of the late Bill Paxton. What sort of character will we play in this new Alien MMO shooter? Clearly … an ultimate badass.
Check it out, I am the ultimate badass. State of the badass art.

Me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect you.
Independently targeting particle beam failings. Vooap. Fry out a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phased plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got sonic electronic hull breakers. We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks…

[Editors Note: The Press release did not promise sonic electronic hull breakers, smart missiles or nuking it from orbit. But we’re hopeful.]

Source: Press Release

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Skyforge Distant Frequencies Update Brings a Techno Bard

If playing a class that wields a Daft Punk-style retro futurist guitar as a weapon in Skyforge sounds like your idea of a good time, then you’re going to love the Distant Frequencies update, which brings on the Soundweaver class.

distanc frequencies update

The Soundweaver is a new support class that wields an axe of a different sort: a futuristic guitar, to be specific. As one would expect out of the Bard archetype, the Soundweaver can both bolster their allies and assault their foes with their (presumably) sweet guitar riffs.

The Distant Frequencies update is also apparently a herald of things to come in the story of Skyforge. The announcement of the update hints at a strange gravitational phenomenon that players will get to explore as part of an expansion that “will contain hints of larger things at play.”

The Distant Frequencies content patch will land on PC December 11th, PlayStation 4 on December 12th, and Xbox One on December 13th.


Our Thoughts

That’s a pretty sweet guitar, not going to lie. We’ll have to wait to know more, but the Soundweaver sounds a bit like every other Bard class that’s ever been created in MMOs. Though that’s not exactly a complaint — there does seem to be an abject lack of classes that rally friends with sweet tunes.

Source: press release

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WoW Wednesday: Weekly World Bosses

Everyone has their routine, especially in the World of Warcraft. With a weekly system that logs and records what players participate in to manage rewards, many players often have that routine locked down to various activities across your free days. Some players like to start their week off with Mythics, move to Battlegrounds on the next and then start their weekly raiding runs in time for the weekend. Many often include older runs for collectibles and rare objects, but most overlook some of the rarest raid bosses in Azeroth. This week we’ll talk about a series of bosses that you should include in your weekly routine that often are ignored; Weekly World Bosses.

For players not in the know, World Bosses are flexible Raid Bosses that can be found out in the world of Azeroth. Introduced back in the original World of Warcraft and they have continued to be implemented since the launch of Mists of Pandaria up until the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth. Designed as a more attractive and accessible means of PvE content, current players have to coordinate outside of guilds and potentially beat back the enemy faction to potentially retrieve lucrative pieces of loot. While some of the most dangerous and important bosses currently plague Kul Tiras and Zuldazar this week we’ll be giving you a list of some of the most important bosses to hit across the world.

“The Legion will conquer all!”

One of the first and oldest bosses, Doom Lord Kazzak is the last incarnation of the very demonic lord who assaulted the Blasted Lands in the times of old Warcraft. Promoted by the Burning Legion for his reopening of the Dark Portal, the Doom Lord now oversees Ered’ruin and the Seat of Kil’jaeden in Hellfire Penninsula. Much like his counterpart Kazzak drops loot with unique transmog appearances such as the Exodar Life-Staff.

The Doomwalker is the Burning Legion’s living siege-weapon in Shadowmoon Valley. In binding the souls of fallen Draenei, Kil’jaeden used the mighty construct to lay siege upon the Black Temple and his rebellious agent Illidan Stormrage. Just like Kazzak, the Doomwalker contains several unique transmogs but also possesses an incredibly LONG respawn timer as it patrols old Shadowmoon. This one is better to farm just after the weekly reset, with a few friends who want in on the action.

Introduced in Mists of Pandaria, the following bosses all now have 15 minute respawn timers, allowing players to kill them at any point in the week.

“Yes, YES! Bring your rage to bear! Try to strike me down!”

Introduced to Pandaria at launch, the Sha of Anger is one of the seven manifestations of negative energy that plague the Pandaren homeland. Raging throughout the Kun’lai Mountains (and harassing the poor Grummle packmasters) the Sha threatens to escape the mountains and ravage the wider lands in its destructive throes. Not only does this world boss reward an achievement (and credit towards the Tranquil Master), this particular Sha drops various class-pieces for PvP Season 12 and tier 14. As well it currently drops the rarest mount in game, the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, which reportedly only has a one percent drop rate making it lower than Invincible from Icecrown Citadel.

Alongside the Sha, a warband of Saurok lay siege to villages in Valley of the Four Winds. Mounted atop their colossal mushan Galleon, Chief Salyis and his cowardly lot have been terrorizing the land since their inception at the launch of Pandaria. Players willing to brave the cannon fire and take down their siege weapon will find spoils aplenty for the taking, including pieces of Tier 14 that would otherwise be class locked in raids from the time. As well players may scoop up the Son of Galleon, a mushan mount that some may find far more tamable than its mighty father.

With the launch of Patch 5.2, The Thunder King saw the launch of the Isle of Thunder, a massive daily quest hub that introduced a server-wide campaign to stop the Thunder King Lei Shen, reanimated by the dark magics of a war-minded Zandalar. With its introduction, it also added two new World Bosses to our list that drop important and rare mounts.

“I am born of thunder!”

Found at the very gates of Lei Shen’s palace, Nalak the Storm Lord is the greatest of the Thundering Cloud Serpents, possessing the very power of the storm itself. The Thunder King’s personal guard-dog, it bars entry to the Throne of Thunder and threatens to obliterate any unwary adversary that steps into its domain. Like his Pandarian cohorts, he also drops several tier and PvP seasonal pieces, including those that would otherwise be class restricted. He also has a small chance to produce the Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent, a new beginning for the Lei Shen’s pet.

Located on the northern-most island found in Pandaria, the Zandalari have brought their dinosaurs to assist in the defense of the Thunder King’s holdings. Chief among them is the mighty Ravasaur, Oondasta, a beast infused with the raw fury of the Loa that has often seen many victories for the island kingdom of Zandalar. Heroes brave enough to traverse the island my challenge the mighty beast and in turn be rewarded with elite and unique gear appearances, as well as a chance at the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn. Sometimes the best things just come in blue!

The last four world bosses of Pandaria are not a necessary addition to your weekly rotation. However, they are the only manner in which to grind reputation with the Black Prince faction and will take almost an entire year to raise it to exalted. The four August Celestials all drop pieces of Season 14 PvP gear, as well as tier pieces for the Siege of Orgrimmar. Whether you choose to fight Xuen, Yu-Lon, Chi-ji or Nizuao all share the same loot table and only one will reward you with loot and 250 reputation with the Black Prince.

While still rare, many players can also engage Ordos, Fire-God of the Yaungol if they have one of the Legendary Cloaks from Pandaria. There isn’t much to be gained from putting down the destructive demi-god aside from several tier loot pieces from Siege.

In the alternate timeways of Draenor, several beasts of madness still threaten to devastate the landscape. Both Tarlna the Ageless and Drov the Ruiner plague Gorgrond, their children locked in world-altering battles. While both are defeatable during lockout, they do share the same theme in their loot-tables and will only offer some older and otherwise locked out transmog.

“Rukhmar is venerated as a deity by the Arrakoa, seen as an embodiment of the sun itself!”

Summoned by the adherents of the arrakoa, Rukhmar is lauded by the chittering priests of the nation as a god, an effigy of the great sun itself. Worshiped and used to justify some of the greatest atrocities among the overzealous population, Rukmar may now prove a greater threat to the invasion forces as they struggle to survive Draenor’s harsh landscape. Those looking to topple a god can find the beast in the Spires of Arak, who drops not only several tier pieces but the rare Solar Spirehawk mount. A great addition to any Blood Elf Prince’s collection.

Promoted just in time for the Legion’s occupation of Draenor, Supreme Lord Kazzak directs the insurgent forces from within his overlook in the Tanaan Jungle. For those looking to seek a little vengeance, he drops Heroic versions of loot you can achieve throughout the Hellfire Citadel raid tier.

Players adventuring throughout the Broken Isles and Argus can also still engage the World Bosses from Legion, but these still seem to be regulated to their weekly rotational lock-out, preventing players from rapidly completing several achievements.

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Pre-Registration for Ragnarok Online Mobile Begins Nov. 28

Aaah, the spicy notes of nostalgia. It’s thick in the MMO gaming air, whether we’re talking LotRO’s Legendary Servers or WoW Classic, or even Old School RuneScape on mobile. Now, another elder statesman of the MMO genre is heading to mobile phones: Ragnarok Online, or more specifically Ragnarok M pre-registration.

ragnarok m pre-registration

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (yes that’s it’s full title) is described in the press release as “a faithful mobile adaptation of the long-beloved MMORPG” specifically designed for mobile devices. The game has already earned some impressive success in Asia, topping download lists for both iOS and Android games in several regions.

Fans of Ragnarok can expect all of the usual bells and whistles in Ragnarok M, including several classes to choose from, over 40 different maps, guild and group gameplay, and pet and cooking systems among other features.

Interested fans can head to the official site in order to pre-register for the game on their preferred platform this coming Wednesday, November 28th.


Our Thoughts

Hm…we’re not sure how big the market for a mobile Ragnarok Online is, but then again there’s always a devoted fanbase out there somewhere, niche though it may be. Here’s hoping this mobile edition of the classic MMORPG lives up to those fans’ expectations.

Source: press release

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Bethesda Under Investigation for Deceptive Trade Practices Regarding Fallout 76

How has your Fallout 76 experience been? If it’s been buggy enough to make you want a refund, you’ve perhaps run into some roadblocks on that front. That’s were a Fallout 76 legal investigation comes into play, as a law firm has formally announced their intent to look into what they’re calling “deceptive trade practices.”

fallout 76 legal investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP, a law firm based out of Washington, D.C., is looking to see if Bethesda is playing dirty pool for releasing a “heavily glitched game” and refusing to issue refunds as a result of consumer frustrations with said glitches.

“While minor bugs and glitches are expected with the release of most new games, Fallout 76 launched with a 56GB patch that has proven to be but a starting point for the game’s problems,” reads the law firm’s statement. “Gamers who have tried to receive a refund because of the game’s myriad glitches have been unable to do so since they downloaded the game, leaving them to deal with an unplayable experience until patches bring it back to a playable state.”

The law firm is asking for those who have attempted to get a refund from Bethesda to contact them via email or phone number in what sounds like the beginnings of a class action lawsuit. That said, Eurogamer astutely points out that the firm has penned a number of such announcements before without any additional follow-up.

Our Thoughts

Bluster, or a shove against corporate greed? It certainly can be read both ways and just allowing refunds would be the easiest solution for Bethesda in either case. Still, the fact that this particular law firm has ineffectively beaten the drum against corporations like this before does put a bit of doubt on the seriousness of these moves.

In any case, here’s hoping that those who feel ripped off do get recompense…and don’t wreck a store over the matter.

Sources: Migliaccio & Rathod website via, Eurogamer

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Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Racing Kicks Off

Living World content notwithstanding, there hasn’t been a thing that’s brought more smiles to Guild Wars 2 players than the Roller Beetle mount. In celebration of the beloved critter, the Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Racing event has started, bringing an activity full of high-speed insects and giveaways.

guild wars 2 roller beetle racing

Roller Beetle Racing’s arrival brings five different racetracks to the world of Tyria. These are permanent fixtures to the game world, so players can continue to burn chitin as often as they want. Running these courses nets you Racing Medallions which can be turned in for cosmetics, transformation tonics, and a Mini Roller Beetle pet. Additionally, there will be roller beetle rentals at each track so everyone can get in on the action.

In celebration of the Roller Beetle Racing league’s launch, daily achievements will be available for players between now and December 25th. There are also weekly contests to win real-life prizes like Razer PC peripherals, an Alienware Aurora R7 PC and monitor, an entertainment system, and a dune buggy adventure in San Diego. Entry into any of these contests also gets you entered into a grand prize drawing for a Volkswagen Beetle wrapped in custom RBR livery.

Naturally, there are some steps and rules associated with these contests, so you’ll want to check here for all the particulars.


Our Thoughts

Wow, an actual bloody car, huh? That’s a pretty hefty prize indeed! Contests or not, we do hope that this Roller Beetle Racing event is a good time for players. Honestly, it’s hard not to glean enjoyment off of the roly-poly little fella rumbling around at high speeds.

Source: press release

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Warframe’s Nintendo Switch Version is Live

What’s arguably one of the most anticipated MMO releases for Nintendo Switch owners is finally here. Today marks the Warframe Nintendo Switch launch, bringing the hyper-sci-fi action MMO to the system and all of its five years of content.

warframe nintendo switch launch

When the game’s presser references five years of content, it does indeed mean the entire kit n’ kaboodle — 23 updates, 36 Warframes, the open-world location of the Plains of Eidolon, and all the content up to Mask of the Revenant are packed in to the Switch’s launch version.

Other features that are distinct to the Switch version are the inclusion of motion controls and built-in voice chat, which doesn’t require the Nintendo Online app to use. As for the game’s Prime Access program, that will include Nova Prime, Mag Prime, and Chroma Prime.

Future updates to the Switch release will focus on the latest Fortuna content like the new open-world location and Garuda Warframe. The devs expect the Switch version to have parity with all other console editions at some point in 2019.

To mark the game’s arrival to the system, Warframe is giving out a bundle of items for free. This bundle includes 50k Credits, a 3-day Affinity Booster, a Forma, an Orokin Catalyst, and an Orokin Reactor. Players must claim this bundle from their in-game mail before December 4.


Our Thoughts

It will definitely be interesting to see how well Warframe plays on the Nintendo Switch and how big this game’s community will grow as a result. In both cases, we expect good things for Warframe and want to congratulate all of the devs and publishers on the release.

Source: press release

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