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It’s Here! Minecraft Dungeons. (Review)

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Its finally here after all these months since i made the original article! I have been streaming Minecraft Dungeons all morning to celebrate its release. The fantastic thing about this game is there is little learning curve even for those not experienced with Diablo. Its simplistic yet gives a satisfying accomplishment to getting stronger and higher level. The Armor and weapons look and feel great yet not hard to let go for better equipment. You don’t need to be a hoarder. Among all else the game runs well and the graphics look great! Lets get into all the details of what this game does right and why it is so good! See where to buy and other information at the end of this article.

The Visuals!

While staying true to the original feel of the minecraft textures Minecraft Dungeons manages to have a unique twist. Personally i don’t know if it the lighting effects or extra care and love to the texture mapping but it looks great! From the lights from the hearth to the glowing ore of the caves the aesthetics of this game are top notch! One gripe I tend to have with games and this advanced of lighting is not being able to see without a solid light source. Minecraft Dungeons does not have this problem. I find myself being able to see even in the dark without feeling the volumetric shading being affected.

With this new world of visuals comes their own story to match the world. The setting of this game will show the rise of the Illegers rising to power through fate. You and your friends the heroes of this game will need to stand and fight the hoards threatening the Villagers. This game offers standard mobs along with the new mob variants and specialized bosses. You will experience this all in a Diablo like fashion strategy game.

General Gameplay

If you have ever played games like Dark Souls or Diablo then you will feel right at home. With these mechanics you will traverse the world within the game composed of mission hotspots to tackle objectives. Select one hotspot you are interested in and select your difficulty. The map you go into never feels exactly the same, at least as far as i noticed. It appears that there is some level of procedural generation in the layouts of whatever dungeon you go to. Along with the layout the mobs can be different in areas and surprise you with a boss or uncommon powerful enemy. If you are like me and like to play on the hardest difficulty possible then this can mean wiping easily depending on your luck.

As you progress through many challenges you will find yourself getting new gear of varying stats. This runs of the standard RPG fundamentals of tiered colored gear. Unlike its predecessor Minecraft the inventory is animated and looks to be what us as gamers have come to expect. It informative and helps to formulate a strategy for your next dungeon. There are no Class systems in Minecraft Dungeons. Everything is determined of your equipment and artifacts. Artifacts determine what your three “Abilities” that you can use are. You can fully customize how your character affects your party or whatever situation is by these artifacts.

This game is fully co-op up to four party members in a party. Additionally there is a two player local play as long as you have the remotes. Local play may allow more on console but as for PC it APPEARS to allow multiple people on one console. As far as for most PC users they will just play in the four player co-op via the internet. Multiplayer does well with keeping the game balanced. When a player dies a living player will have 30 seconds to relieve them. Its not as easy as you think I swear! When a player is down the will generate a darkness that can spawn mobs and more frequently when the timer starts to run out. However i believe this to depend more on the difficulty you play any particular mission on.

In Conclusion.

For console users you can find this game on whatever associated digital store your system uses. As for PC you get get Minecraft Dungeons through the Xbox beta live pass or at Mojang for 20$ USD. You can find it here at:

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Rimworld Multiplayer Mod Everyone Needs!

I have covered Rimworld in a previous article, and if you do not know this game check it out below this paragraph! Rimworld has been busy and still relevant. New DLC and tons of mods are available for its many patches and versions. While mindlessly watching YouTube I discovered that there was a full multiplayer experience! What I discovered was a whole community of modders and gamers behind the Zetrith’s Multiplayer Mod on steam. But this allows you and up to eight friends total to play in the same session live! You can share pawns, the characters of the game, or have your own dedicated pawns to interact and work together.

How it Works

Zetrith’s Multiplayer mod will have you and your friends all sync to the hosts mod configuration and game configuration. Yes this mod allows you to still play with other mods that work well with the multiplayer mod. The host will set up a world and characters for the other players to use, and host the game. The Arbiter will be the first connection to the hosted server and will keep the players in sync. After that your friends can see your session in the multiplayer tab of the home menu.

Now the Zetrith’s Multiplayer mod is a little touchy and is not perfect. The game can still desync and will try to resync all the players. This usually isn’t a problem however the server might need to be restarted after re-synchronization because of a freeze bug. I would recommend frequent autosaves with a minimum of 2 saves every in game day. This will make sure you don’t lose progress. Another recommendation is to limit mods to around 20. I have the best server host performance at 20, but it depends on the mods you use.

The performance is not perfect for sure. There are still way you and friends will cause desync from each other and you will need to resync. Normally if one or more people in the session desync its not a big deal. You will need to wait about 10 to 60 seconds for everyone to resync. However if the host desyncs then the host will need to save and relaunch the session. This is because after the host resyncs the time in game will freeze. Fixing it is easy, like I said just rehost the game after saving.

How to Set Up Multiplayer

To start make sure everyone involved has their Rimworld up to date. Like most anyone who plays Rimworld you will want mods. You will need to pick out mods that work well with the multiplayer. To check this you will need to go to the multiplayer discord here:

Go to the mod-check channel and use the command with the names of the mods you want to use.

After you have all the mods you want subscribed to on Steam you will need your friends to get the exact same mods you have. I find the best way to do this is to favorite the mods on Steam after subscribing to them. Your friends will find the mods a LOT easier.
The host of the game will need to arrange their mods load order in the game menu.

Example of My Mod Load Order

Once the host of the multiplayer has set this up everyone in your group will need the exact same mod load order setup. After all this the last steps to get this working is to share your config files and set up the game!
The host will need to navigate to the config files in his LocalLow folder. To get to the folder search for the folder %appdata% on you windows search bar. Navigate to C:\Users(Your User Name)\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config and send any Mod_##########_(Name of mod).xml you have with the ModsConfig.xml. All your friends will need to delete/ replace their config files with the hosts.

Example of the RimWorld Multiplayer

With all these steps done the host will make a game as if he was making a single play game. Select your scenario, story teller AI, and your pawns for the game. Once that is all said and done and the host is in game he/ she will just hit Esc and select Host from the menu. All your friends will join from the Multiplayer section on the main menu through steam tab.

My Tips for Multiplayer

First and foremost do not initiate and debug commands to revive a pawn or end events. If you are lucky this will only cause desync, however i have lost multiplayer games from messing with those. Also to prevent losing a long period of time if something messes up I recommend autosaving two times a game day. These autosaves have saved my game file and has ensured that i can have a long running game.

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🎮Now available on Xbox One! Futuristic Racer Antigraviator!🌠

High-speed racer Antigraviator is now available for the Xbox One for $19.99! Developed by Cybernetic Walrus and published by Iceberg Interactive, this console release includes all content from the Viper Trails DLC, making this the complete Antigraviator experience!

Check it out in the launch trailer:

Race on beautiful tracks, where the danger is coming at light speed and chaos and havoc are the most normal thing in the world. Control your Grav in five game modes on six different worlds, each with three tracks. Challenge your friends in the highly competitive multiplayer modes, online or split screen. Sabotage your opponents by activating floating mines, causing landslides to throw rocks on circuits and deploy missile launchers scattered around the circuits. Personalize your Grav to your heart’s content, but choose wisely: one upgrade comes at the expense of another!

Platform: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Anti-Gravity Racing
Developer: Cybernetic Walrus
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Release Date: 1 May 2020 (Xbox One)
Price:  $19,99

Image: Cybernetic Walrus


Antigraviator is a sleek new take on the anti-gravity racing genre. Use traps, power-ups and boosts to overtake your opponents and dominate the track in single player or multiplayer mode. With no speed limit holding you back, Antigraviator delivers the fastest racing experience of the future.


In the year 2210, racing has evolved far beyond its expected limits. New terraforming capabilities paired with scientific breakthroughs in the field of antigravity have given birth to a new spectacle: the Antigraviator tournament.

Race perpetually on exquisitely detailed stages, full of light-speed danger, chaos and mayhem. Guide your Grav in three game play modes across five different worlds with three tracks each. These dynamic courses come to life, while pushing the power of Unity to the limit.

Image: Cybernetic Walrus

Challenge your friends in the fiercely competitive multiplayer modes, either online or in split-screen mode. Race yourself to the top of the worldwide leader-board and earn special ranked skins. Sabotage your fellow racers by activating hover mines, creating a rock slide to cause tunnels to collapse, firing missiles from rocket launchers along the track, and many more malicious tricks.

Customize your Grav to your heart’s content, but choose wisely: deciding on one upgrade may mean compromising on another. Strategically tailor-make your Grav to gain the upper hand in races or face the crushing prospect of defeat. In addition to the customization options, unlockable skins will be available free of charge.

Image: Cybernetic Walrus

In this futuristic high-octane racing game, defying gravity is the least of your concerns!

Key Features

  • No speed limit!
  • Play the single player campaign to unlock new parts, devices and skins
  • Race locally against your friends with split-screen multiplayer for 2 players
  • Race against everyone in online multiplayer
  • Use environmental traps to catch up with your opponents
  • Customize your device to outrun your opponents
  • Soundtrack with 15 intense tracks that enhance your racing experience

Stay up-to-date with the latest Antigraviator news and information:

Antigraviator Website:

Antigraviator Facebook:

Antigraviator Twitter page:

Antigraviator Subreddit:

ZeroG @

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SnowRunner: Traversing the Hostile Wasteland

Focus Interactive’s Official SnowRunner Trailer

Traversing Hostile Wastelands

Anyone who knows the “runner” series knows that its always been about the smell of hot rubber and burning octane as the player is putting the rubber to the mud. In this installment of it, there is subtle differences from that usual motto, but we’ll get into that in a moment. As seen in the trailer provided above, the player is thrust into the chaotic world of being a professional driver through the “wastelands” that no one else can or would go. To bring vital supplies to those who have no other way of receiving them.

Is This Game Worth It?

For many players this is a very valid question to ask, but never more than with this title. As SnowRunner was announced, and the initial trailer showed what looked to be a remake of MudRunner, the public began to wonder why they would purchase this as it appeared to be nothing more than a DLC for MudRunner.

The biggest difference within the content of SnowRunner and its predecessor, Mudrunner, is the content of the player’s cargo. During Mudrunner gameplay, the player only has one goal through all maps and scenarios. That goal is to find the lumber and get it to the sawmill. This can be accomplished using a variation of vehicles and strategic route planning.

“How is that Different then SnowRunner?”, You may ask. Let me tell you, SnowRunner offers a grand new environment to attempt to traverse. With that, it appears that the cargo selection is much greater than the previous timber-runner feature that Mudrunner had. Featuring everything from lumber, to different building supplies and essential consumables to go from place to place with. To go with that, it appears that vehicles are either purchasable, or up-gradable via a workshop. As opposed to the very cut and dry “trailer-select” that Mudrunner had.

Okay, what else is there to look forward to?

In addition to new maps and new cargo types, there are a few new brands of vehicles that have never been officially in the “Runner” series. The new brands include Chevrolet, Caterpillar, freight-liner and Hummer. As well as that it features a new style of game-play, packed with not only new vehicles and cargo, but new environments and weather conditions. As snow and ice are now thrown into the mix causing completely new driving conditions for the player to attempt to master, or even make it through to the other side!

In Addition…

With SnowRunner gaining more and more popularity within the “Driving Simulator” community, I for one am extremely excited to get my hands on what is looking to be a Driver’s Paradise. You all can look forward to seeing episodes of this coming out as soon as humanly possible on Youtube and Streams on Twitch as soon as this masterpiece is available. If you dont already know… you can find my Youtube Channel here, and My Twitch channel here. Please feel free to come join in on the action!


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Warcraft III Reforged Coming Soon

Blizzard has announced that as of January 28 2020 they will release the long awaited Warcraft III reforged. With this news there have been many rumors going around about the game. The biggest one i have been seeing is concerning the general lore of the game. Some have been saying that Blizzard is planning on slightly altering the lore to better fit World of Warcraft. However I don’t think they have altered it or have done so minimally. I have followed a lot of the available content for the campaign on YouTube and have noticed no differences. As far as i can see this project stays true to what Warcraft III was with modern quality graphics.

What Reforged has to Offer.

  • 62 missions across Kalimdor, Lordaeron, Northrend, and beyond
  • 40+ hours of epic gameplay
  • 4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes
  • Control over 20 legendary heroes and villains from Warcraft lore: gain experience, level up, master powerful abilities, and enhance nearby units
  • Re-balanced Gameplay to compete with modern RTS games.
  • Updated and enhanced custom campaigns features, and custom matchmaking games.

Some additional features they have put into the game have surprised me. For instance when playing outside of the campaign it appears that when summoning a hero it will randomly select the gender of most heros. I have only seen a few so i can not say for sure but i have seen female variants of the Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and the Warden. However i have heard from beta testers that this applies to all heros but i can not be for sure.

Some rumors have been going around talking about being able to edit the game mechanics for custom games. In example there are talks that will allow you to increase the max selected units from 12 to a yet unknown number. This will drastically improve some custom games that have large numbers of units or structures that you will need to manage. This will apply a whole new feel to classic custom campaigns/ gamemodes to operate in a whole new way.

How does it Play?

As of December 2019 the game has become substantially optimized compared to earlier beta tests. Framerates even with very large battles still run crisply and hold up. This highly depends on the machine you are playing on too. Additionally the units appear to be better distinguished with the contrasts of colors between the environment. In earlier beta tests it was a known issue that because of the saturation levels of colors of units and the environment it was hard to see the exact details of your units. The details would appear to blend in with the environment and sometimes be difficult to find your troops if they were alone.

Minimum Spec Requirements

Operating System Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
Processor Intel® Pentium® D or AMD™ Athlon™ 64 X2
Video NVIDIA® GeForce; 6800 (256 MB) or ATI™ HD 3650 Pro (256 MB) or better
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage 3 GB available hard drive space
Internet Broadband Internet connection
Input Keyboard and mouse
Resolution 1280 x 720 minimum display resolution


Pre-Purchase Here(Warcraft III Reforged Site):

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Gas Guzzlers Extreme is Out Today on PlayStation 4

Image Credit: Iceberg Interactive

26 November 2019

From Iceberg Interactive:

Put the pedal to the metal!

Time to take the wheel and turn this boring Tuesday into an extremely fun death race with Gas Guzzlers Extreme, available today on PlayStation 4!

From Gamepires, developers of SCUM, the PS4 version includes the content of both Full Metal Frenzy + Full Metal Zombie DLCs – get your hands dirty, shoot, crush and destroy your enemies in an absolute carnage!

Check out the bad boys causing mayhem in the trailer:

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is an exciting new twist on the car combat experience, with the addition of furious team combat battles. Start out with low performance vehicles and rapidly work your way up to high-performance models, by earning money in a series of hi-octane races and arena battles.

Image Credit: Iceberg Interactive

But things are about to get freaky, as a zombie apocalypse takes over! Get armed to the teeth and exploit all the insane power-ups to obliterate the hordes of the undead. Although it won’t be easy – these brain-munching dudes fight back, and have weapons of their own. Plus running over too many of them will make your wheels slip in gore… well, let’s just say you don’t want them feasting over you.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is packed with tons of unique humor, personality and above all, content.

The game includes:
  • 12 game modes
  • 42 tracks
  • 12 arenas
  • 8 different environments
  • 21 customizable and upgradable cars with 12 unique weapon types
  • 22 distinct zombie variants to wreak havoc and total carnage!
Image Credit: Iceberg Interactive
Stay up-to-date with Gas Guzzlers Extreme and Iceberg Interactive:

Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Discord

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a face paced death race set to MAX! Available for $19.99 from the PlayStation Store and it includes both Full Metal Frenzy AND Full Metal Zombies DLC’s!
Be sure to check it out now, and remember to always keep your gaming set to MAX!


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Epic strategy game “Star Dynasties” announced

Image Credit: Iceberg Interactive

21 November 2019

From Iceberg Interactive:

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Pawley Games are excited to announce their collaboration on upcoming strategy game Star Dynasties.

Channel your inner Lannister and rule over your scattered space empire while trying to balance family dramas, political intrigue and military conflict.

Star Dynasties will be available for PC early 2021.

You can catch the interview with developer Glen Pawley. Get a closer look into the feudal space opera that awaits you:

What is Star Dynasties

Star Dynasties is a sci-fi strategy game set in a divided galaxy following the destruction of Earth. The game mixes a light empire management strategy layer with a unique procedurally generated narrative of human drama and feudal politics, where your choices will define your story.

Humanity had just taken its first tentative steps in space, when the catastrophic destruction of Earth plunged the galaxy into a new Dark Age. Now, centuries later, those few surviving colonies have stabilised into a simple feudal society, unable to comprehend or advance the technological artefacts they use to survive. Internecine fights between an aristocratic elite decide the fate of the scattered fragments of humankind.

As the leader of a faction of star systems, you must ensure the survival and prosperity of your dynasty at any cost. Expand your empire, herd your unruly vassals. Build political alliances, and navigate a web of agendas. Political intrigue and social obligations to emerge as the dominant power of the galaxy.

  • Take on the role of the head of a political family through multiple generations. Lead it to dominance over the remnants of human civilization
  • Experience an emergent narrative of personal and political drama
  • Uphold the traditions and laws of society and earn a reputation for honor. Or seize power and risk turning the galaxy against you
  • Interact with hundreds of characters with realistic personalities, emotions, and relationships
  • Punish those that have wronged you, and reward your allies

Stay up-to-date with Star Dynasties and Iceberg Interactive

Website / Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Discord

We will be following the development of Star Dynasties and will update you with the latest news and videos. Be sure to check back often and remember to always keep your gaming set to Max!


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Code Vein: A Extraordinary Experience.

Code Vein, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, at first did not stand out as a must try video game. I stumbled upon this title on steam shortly after it was released on Steam. I checked the images and trailer and thought nothing more than it looked like another Japanese slash em up. It wasn’t that the visuals were anime themed ,but more or less that I was never entertained by Japanese fighting games. However a friend of mine revealed the true potential fun of this game one afternoon and I was enthralled.

What is Code Vein exactly?

Code Vein is a story based game that plays a lot like Dark Souls type games. You will create a character and be thrown into the world with little explanation of what exactly you are. You and many others are vampire like creatures infected with the BOR parasites giving the ability to manipulate your blood. These humans now called “Revenants” need blood to survive without becoming creatures called “The Lost” which an unending thirst for death. Upon rebirth your character and the companion with you have no memory of what has happened.

It is common for Revenants to lose memories especially from before what they call “The Collapse” before it got so hard to survive. Basically you and other Revenants survive by blood from humans or blood beads from fruit growing from a blood spring. However humans are rare and most of them are prisoners of the Revenants government. So scavenging blood beads is your only hope for avoiding becoming a lost yourself. You are taken by Revenants and forced into labor by finding blood beads. They need it because of a levy system imposed by the government of this lost territory. You will run into a group lead by Louis to end the thirst for blood plaguing Revenants and causing them to become lost.


There is a lot of story behind Code Vein and a lot of fighting. However there is a TON of things to do when you dont feel like chopping through hordes of creatures. There are dialogue options and background stories to discover depending on the relations with your crew. Your surroundings will have animations to explore like interacting with chairs beds or the local base hot springs. Have you ever seen any anime ever? Remember the hot springs episodes? yeah you can now live that when you progress to that point. However in a personal opinion the best feature that initially peaked my interest was the character creation.

At first glance the character creation appears to be the same as any other game. However there are so many options and customization for nearly all options. You can move around pre placed options or even place something asymmetrically. Hair and clothing even to appear to have physics helping to immerse the player into the world all that more. Textures, colors, and alternate choices exist for most features within this creature. Additionally the game allows you to change your appearance even gender at mirrors. So you can even customize your appearance depending on the experiences you have. Save presets to load them as you go or revert certain changes you have made that didn’t stick to your theme.

The Story is Crazy!

I do not want to spoil the story because i find it would ruin the overall experience. But Code Vein is full of twists and unexpected results of your actions. There are a few predictable moments but from my opinion this will not ruin the overall experience. Play solo and rip your hair out as your cortisol levels sharply rise from seemingly impossible missions. Or get help from your friends and rip your friends hair out as the continue to fail you spectacularly. One thing to keep in mind is that if the host of a game defeats the boss of the region you will not be able to play together in that location. For hardcore dark souls players you will feel right at home. God bless your souls…

Code Vein is currently 60$ on steam with the option at a Deluxe Edition for 80$. In addition to a 25$ for a seasons pass for any new content.


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The Wolf Simulator Update

What’s New?

Along with normal game play, the new update that is coming promises better anti-cheat and anti-hacker improvements as well as a new daily quests function! The daily quests promise to pay handsomely in gems and coins. As posted on their Facebook page and from responses to their Instagram posts, Swift apps is also promising they will bring in a day/night cycle to the servers as well! They are also bringing in translations to multiple languages to help people be able to talk in game, no matter what language you speak!

Many exciting things lay in store for The Wolf RPG simulator!


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BONEWORKS: What we know!

With VR quickly on the rise, it certainly leaves no shortage of potential when it comes to technological advances, new game mechanics, and great new ways to experience gaming. This folks is the final stages in what appears to be one of the greatest VR fps games to exist.

BONEWORKS is a game that is your mission, your way. Bringing the fight to your playing field in ways that games like Pavlov VR and Zero Caliber have yet to reach.


As stated a bit before, BONEWORKS is a new age FPS that brings combat to your corner with new mechanics that most games have yet to either come across, or are yet to combine in their arsenal. BONEWORKS is your mission, your way, which means that everything around you, is at your disposal.

As seen in the trailer, unlike the other FPS games, it does not require a gun to progress. It really makes it into a scene where the greatest weapon that you have, is you.

BONEWORKS manages to introduce traditional shooter characteristics, while adding puzzles and twists to enhance the gaming experience. While maintaining the basics of an FPS, BONEWORKS really begins to thrive with the ability to utilize the environment around the player either in addition to, or instead of a firearm. So even if you manage to run out of ammo, the enemy can still catch those hands!

So, why the sudden attention?

This game has got major attention from gamers and authors like myself, because we have been tracking the development, ogling at every new feature that is added. Only to see that at the end of this trailer video, an actual release date has been given.

As it stands currently, it appears that the game will be made available on December 10th 2019. Just it time for the holidays. I will be posting up here and on the YouTube channel as well upon its release and leading up to it.

I Strongly urge anyone that either has a VR kit or that is looking to get one to look into this game as well, it is the reason that I decided to leap into all that is virtual reality. Feel free to check out the Steam page HERE. Also make sure to show Stress Level Zero some Max Level Mag love, as they have been busting their rear trying to make this game the best it can be!