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Devil May Cry 5 – Releases March 8th on PS 4

Image owned by – Capcom Co – Devil May Cry 5

4 March 2019

Release Date: 03/08/2019

Genre: Action

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

The fifth installment to the Devil May Cry series, The Devil May Cry 5, is scheduled to release Friday, March 8. The upcoming stylish action-adventure hack and slash game developed and published by Capcom will feature Dante and Nero as playable characters, along with a new character, “V”.

The story takes place several years after the events of Devil May Cry 4. V comes to the Devil May Cry office to hire Dante to solve a series of demon attacks. Meanwhile, Nero has set up his own demon hunting agency based out of a van with a neon “Devil May Cry” sign Dante gave him. With support of his engineer Nico, who built him a robotic prosthetic arm called the “Devil Breaker” (after his original Devil Bringer arm was taken by a mysterious hooded individual), Nero hunts for the hooded figure, a powerful demon named Urizen. Nero’s search leads him to Red Grave City that Dante deduced as the epicenter of the demon attacks. It becomes ground zero for the growth of the Qliphoth tree by Urizen, to nourish its fruit with human blood so he consume it and become king of the Underworld.

Nero has his Blue Rose double-barreled revolver, Red Queen sword, and a new assortment of Devil Breaker robotic arms.

Dante has two new Devil Arms, a pair of buzz-saw weapons that combine into a motorcycle called Cavaliere, and a set of fiery boots and gauntlets called Balrog. He will also have his signature blade Rebellion and demonic sword Sparda.

V uses three demons from the first game to fight with –

Griffon – an eagle that uses ranged lightning attacks
Shadow – a panther that forms blades, spikes and portals from its body
Nightmare – a large golem, V enters into a Devil Trigger state, which turns his hair white to summon, and uses a combination of melee attacks and laser beams.

The Devil May Cry 5 Demo –
The ultimate Devil Hunter is back in style, in the game action fans have been waiting for.
In this demo, control Nero and use his Devil Breaker to fight the demon hordes, gain new skills and save Red Grave City!
Save data from this demo will grant you a bonus of 30,000 Red Orbs when you play the full game.

Head to PlayStaion to download the demo –>

The Devil May Cry 5 on PS 4

ESRB rating : Mature