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Set out on a mission for colonization, a peaceful trip turned sour as an unknown entity forces a quick end to the journey. The player is a passenger upon the colonization ship designate “Aurora”. While in transit to a planet for colonization, something goes wrong as the ship takes sudden damage and is forced into a collision course with an unknown planet.

After learning of the emergency situation, The player gets into a life pod via cut-scene and launches away from the ship.

Upon the player taking control, the objectives are clear. While being temporarily stranded on an unknown “alien” planet, the player must find resources as well as nutrients amongst the alien planet to survive until rescue comes. Upon starting out, the player has access to a heavily damaged life-pod and a small level of nutrient packed survival food, and water stored within the pod until the player learns how to gain food on their own.

Subnautica, even though it is a game based on survival on an “alien” ocean-based planet, it does have extremely thick plot and heavily detailed storyline. Unlike any story driven game, Subnautica allows for a complete free-roam capability while not increasing difficulty in any way. The player progresses the story at their own pace, players can either use this to their own benefit, or fall victim to the planet, depending on skill and desire for temporary luxury.

Game-play features a nice blend between repairing and re-utilizing man made technology, increasing the knowledge, luxury, and overall capabilities of the player, while surviving and utilizing all the resources the planet has to offer. Meanwhile causing extreme distress of players not fully knowing for sure what went bump in the night, or in this case, a heavy roar in the distance.

A new series will be started on Youtube soon, please stay tuned to see all the great and grave experiences with me, Twisted Trisler, throughout the game-play of Subnautica.