Star Conflict Nightingale Ship Components Sale Going One Day Only

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author image by MMO Games | 0 Comments | March 5, 2019
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For one day only (today) you’ll be able to get 30% of Star Conflict Nightingale ship components in a special, limited time sale. According to the in-game lore, this is thanks to Lucas Horn, the Federation’s liaison with UMC at New Eden station. An old friend of his has arrived from the fringe sectors with the particularly valuable cargo.

Star Conflict Nightingale Ship Components

The Nightingale is a gorgeous ship that fills its pilot with pride and confidence wherever they go. The MHD generator provides your ship with increased power to your weapons if you are careful and don’t neglect engine power. However, as the news post announcing the sale says, “Speed and the ability to conceal yourself and the team are your main trumps.” If you want to get your hands on the Nightingale ship components at 30% off you’ll need to do so before March 6th. You can buy them directly from the ship tree.

March 6th is also the last opportunity for pilots to get their hands on the Elite Smuggler Bundle. The bundle of unique coloring schemes will no longer be available after March 6th which means that this will be the last opportunity for players to get the 11 coloring schemes that come in the bundle, including the Golden Dragon.

So, if either of these things appeals to you head over to Star Conflict today, to make sure you take advantage of this sweet deal and get some unique looks for your ships. We can’t wait to see what bundle is introduced next.


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