Star Citizen Announces a New Quarterly series: Pillar Talk

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15 June 2019

On June 14th Star Citizen released the first episode of Pillar Talk. A new quarterly video series to discuss new updates and new features coming to the Star Citizen Universe. In the premiere, Chris Roberts sits down with Tony Zurovec, John Crew, and Eric Kieron Davis for an in-depth discussion of the features coming in Alpha 3.6.

Check out the video below:

Some Alpha 3.6 features:

Law System V1 –

Law System V1 adds greater depth to the current law system. As of now there are 19 Laws in the books including murder, possession of stolen goods and transportation of illicit products to name a few. With the current system, when you buy something, you own that something. If another player blows up your ship or sneaks on and takes the goods there is little to no repercussions. They could take the goods and sell them and get full price.

With 3.6 now when you buy something, unless you grant it to someone else, if another player has possession of it they will be limited with what they can do with it. You can not go to a law abiding shop and just unload all of your stolen cargo. You now need to go to salvage yards or fences. The prices you will get on said stolen goods will be a fraction of what you would get if you owned the items.

You will also have to deal with security agents you come accross in your travels. Players will need to decide if the goods are worth stealing, and if caught does one run or pay the fine. Decide to run and more reinforcements, interceptors etc. will be called in. In the next few updates the plan is to have a prison colony where you will be put if you are captured.

Ships and Vehicles –
Image by : Cloud Imperium

3.6 Also brings us some re-works to some existing ships and vehicles. The Merlin and it’s variant, the Archimedes, both received a re-work. The Vanguard also started as a re-work and eventually became an in depth redesign to be more like its concept artwork. Only 10% of the interior and 20% of the ships exterior are actually left. The Vanguard was meant to be a more ‘beefy’ long range ship. There are more ships and vehicles planned that are not on the road-map. Like the Valkyrie and Arrow, two ships that no one new about until they saw them at the last Citizen Con. The long term plan is to bring new ships from concept to playable faster.

FOIP and VOIP Improvements –

With the release of Alpha 3.6 one of the main goals was to bring you the ability to hail other ships. When you are out in space and see another ship you will be able to hail that vessel. There will be separate channels used for communicating with squad mates or team mates. FOIP and VOIP were introduced a few patches ago but had to be turned off due to bugs in the system causing crashes. With 3.6, most of the bugs have been worked out and the functions will be brought back. There are many areas of the functionality that will be expanded upon as things progress. The main goal is to give players a smooth and easy way of communicating with each other on a dedicated channel. With the amount of work needed to go into the feature, it will not all be there with the next update. But where the system is at now, it will be added in 3.6 and expanded upon with future updates.

Flight Improvements –

In the 3.6 update the vehicle accelleration throttle feature has been brought back. The feature drives how manuverable your vehicle is. In the previous version the feature was designed more like a cruise control feature. With the improvements made to the feature you now have more controll and features to your ship. You can do more of a soft landing now with your ship. Also ships have a more realistic and controllable hover ability.

Shield Systems and Tech Replacement –
Image by : Cloud Imperium

Shield generators will now have a more independent characteristics to each. In the previous versions, if you have two different shields with different features, the system would just combine the shield abilities into one. With the new shields system you will notice more of a separate behavior between the different shield generators.

Vehicle Load-out Persistence –

The persistent vehicle load-out feature was snuck into update 3.5.1 due to popular demand. Initially the feature takes a basic approach of whatever your ship configuration is. When your ship gets destroyed or lost, you go claim another one and you get the ‘carbon copy’ of it. In the future the system will look at what the base value of your ship is. Then looks at what modifications and value you have added to your ship and calculates the ship insurance accordingly. Calculations will also be added in for cargo insurance as well. Players will be presented the option to add additional insurance to your cargo for an extra fee.

Additionally to the new features coming to 3.6, there are also some that won’t make to the update but will be coming soon down the road. Ship Rentals are planned, as well as Server-Side OCS and server meshing. With OCS and server meshing, there is a major re-configuration in the coding that needs to happen. That will take some time, but it is a top priority for Star Citizen. It will get the game servers on track for the persistent universe. At that time accounts will be wiped and players will be able to start building their fleets and wealth for the long haul.

If you would like more info about Star Citizen head over to the official web-site –> HERE

As the Alpha 3.6 update gets closer we will bring you any new information as it becomes available. Be sure to check back and always remember to keep your gaming set to MAX!