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Split-Screen Shoot ‘Em Up Rival Megagun Blasts Off Late November

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No jokes here; this looks dope.
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rival megagun release date

Publisher Degica Games has announced its upcoming split-screen shoot em up from one-man show Spacewave Software has a release date. On November 29, 2018, Rival Megagun brings its unique hook to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and the PC.


As you can see in the above trailer, Rival Megagun looks pretty wild. Not only are both players competing for a high score in traditionally one of the most hardcore genres known to video games, players can also attack each other across their screen borders. There’s even a transformation mechanic that allows one player to invade the other’s space, becoming the boss battle themselves.

Here’s the official overview and key features for Rival Megagun, per a press release from Degica Games:

Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen vertical shmup (or shoot ’em up, shooting game, STG) where you transform into a gigantic boss ship – your “Mega Gunship” – to invade your opponent’s screen.


  • Classic shmup action with a competitive twist
  • Multiple playable heroes, each with their own special weapons and Mega Gunship boss form
  • Intense 2-player “couch-competitive” local versus battles
  • Online battles – challenge your friends or find opponents via matchmaking
  • Unlockable gear and weapons for customizing your ship
  • A single-player arcade mode