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Someone Spent Almost $1000 in Black Ops 4 Black Market Max Rewards, Wields Only One Weapon Variant

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How far does the Black Market rabbit hole go? It seems over 900 tiers. Someone bought his way to the end, and only got on weapon variant for spending close to $1,000….

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DarXyde27m ago

No one is being forced to buy anything.

In the event that this becomes the industry standard, the industry will die and be rebuilt upon the ashes of the old with more consumer friendly practices. Gaming is not like clean water or heat. It is not needed, and I’m sure most of us have living expenses and priorities. That said, people can’t afford to have this kind of thing forced upon them… and neither can Activision.

It would be a glorious case study and example for the rest of the industry if Activision goes under from a lack of support in the future: that no one is safe if you take consumer gouging too far.

The industry will regulate itself by consumer interest. Call of Duty has cornered a market, but once they go too far, someone will fill the void.

Even if a few people have poor impulse control, it’s not enough to keep Activision wealthy.