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Focus Interactive’s Official SnowRunner Trailer

Traversing Hostile Wastelands

Anyone who knows the “runner” series knows that its always been about the smell of hot rubber and burning octane as the player is putting the rubber to the mud. In this installment of it, there is subtle differences from that usual motto, but we’ll get into that in a moment. As seen in the trailer provided above, the player is thrust into the chaotic world of being a professional driver through the “wastelands” that no one else can or would go. To bring vital supplies to those who have no other way of receiving them.

Is This Game Worth It?

For many players this is a very valid question to ask, but never more than with this title. As SnowRunner was announced, and the initial trailer showed what looked to be a remake of MudRunner, the public began to wonder why they would purchase this as it appeared to be nothing more than a DLC for MudRunner.

The biggest difference within the content of SnowRunner and its predecessor, Mudrunner, is the content of the player’s cargo. During Mudrunner gameplay, the player only has one goal through all maps and scenarios. That goal is to find the lumber and get it to the sawmill. This can be accomplished using a variation of vehicles and strategic route planning.

“How is that Different then SnowRunner?”, You may ask. Let me tell you, SnowRunner offers a grand new environment to attempt to traverse. With that, it appears that the cargo selection is much greater than the previous timber-runner feature that Mudrunner had. Featuring everything from lumber, to different building supplies and essential consumables to go from place to place with. To go with that, it appears that vehicles are either purchasable, or up-gradable via a workshop. As opposed to the very cut and dry “trailer-select” that Mudrunner had.

Okay, what else is there to look forward to?

In addition to new maps and new cargo types, there are a few new brands of vehicles that have never been officially in the “Runner” series. The new brands include Chevrolet, Caterpillar, freight-liner and Hummer. As well as that it features a new style of game-play, packed with not only new vehicles and cargo, but new environments and weather conditions. As snow and ice are now thrown into the mix causing completely new driving conditions for the player to attempt to master, or even make it through to the other side!

In Addition…

With SnowRunner gaining more and more popularity within the “Driving Simulator” community, I for one am extremely excited to get my hands on what is looking to be a Driver’s Paradise. You all can look forward to seeing episodes of this coming out as soon as humanly possible on Youtube and Streams on Twitch as soon as this masterpiece is available. If you dont already know… you can find my Youtube Channel here, and My Twitch channel here. Please feel free to come join in on the action!










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