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It is time season 1 has started, and some new stuff as well came out with the start of the season, I will be getting into the game and talking about the two new game modes.

Let us begin with the first new mode called co-op mode, you when the game starts you get a teammate and it is yall goal to win together. You will be playing the game like regular follow the link to the article for the game and how to play. On the left side of the screen, you can add 2 of your champions to let your teammate. So to explain, you can have a warrior team that is missing a warrior that your teammate has, and he can put it there so when you fight it jumps on ur board and allows you to get the full synergy to will enable you to win maybe. If you die you cant change the champions that you can give your teammate. When you lose, you sort of loss your teammate can still win for the team at the end.

The other game mode is group mode, where you will be team up with three other players. That will be two teams fighting each other to win. You will play the game as usual. When you go against your opponent if you win your team that is left over after the fight and move to help then win there battle. And when it is finally the last battle, and after that, the losing team will get hit. Your only loss when your whole team will is finally out of life. So you can help your team win or loss with what you are building. So pay attention to your team and hope you can help them.

Can’t wait to see what new things they will bring to the game. It will be fun to watch this game grow, and I will be streaming it on my mixer account.