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Welcome to a horror game based on the supernatural. SCP: Containment Breach immerses the player in the exhilarating experience of being locked inside of a secret facility with creatures and objects of the “abnormal” variety. After the nearly impossible happens, the player is tasked with two main objectives that prove to be quite difficult, survive and escape.

As stated before, the primary objective is to live long enough to escape the facility. The player navigates through the facility, there will be multiple SCP’s that are extremely dangerous and multiple that are safe and can be utilized to the players advantage to escape. All SCP’s are classified differently, to help both the containment facility and the player identify which SCP’s are deadly and which are not. It is of absolute importance for the player to know the difference.

Now that you have seen his face, he is hunting you!

The primary object classes, or the classes that are dealt with in game are as follows.

Safe: A creature or object that is easily, and safely contained. Not a direct threat to people or the environment under standard circumstances, however, if used or handled inappropriately, could pose a risk to health, safety, and life.

Euclid: A creature or object that requires more resources to contain, or where containment isn’t always reliable. Often contains autonomous, sentient, and unpredictable SCP’s as they are not all completely known and understood.

Keter: A creature or object that is extremely difficult to contain. These SCP’s are often classified as Keter, due to the facility’s inability to correctly and securely contain them, because of either an extreme lack of knowledge about them or the lack of resources to do so. Although not true for some Keter-class SCP’s in game, most of them are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Plague Doctor begins operation

If the player manages to survive the chaos of all the SCP’s roaming freely inside the facility, their survivability is jeopardized again by having to deal with the containment teams that are dispatched to the facility to ensure that either everything that is in the facility stays there, or that the facility and everything inside, is properly disposed of. Their mission is to guarantee the safety of the worlds population, no matter the price.

Although SCP: Containment Breach has been around since 2012, It is still getting constant updates refining game play, adding in new SCP’s while integrating them into the already amassed frenzy. The absolute best part about this game however, it is absolutely FREE!