Sakura Season’s Bloom Dynamic Theme Series Bundle – Preview Trailer | PS4

Spread the love The Sakura Season's Bloom bundle brings ground-breaking real-time daily lighting evolution, seasonal changes, and 5.1 audio to your PS4™. Included are the 2 Sakura Seasons Bloom Northern and Southern hemisphere themes, which feature unique live seasonal variations based on the calendar year – From the gentle rains and cherry blossom blooms of spring, to the verdant greens of summer, the brilliant reds of autumn and the cold flurries of winter. This is accompanied by a professionally produced ambient soundtrack, in addition to continuously shifting lighting conditions based on your system's internal clock. Additionally, should players feel a preference for one season in particular, each season is also included as its own fully functional separate theme: Spring
Hanami (Cherry Blossom season)
Winter These each feature 5.1 surround sound ambient audio (for compatible setups) carefully crafted to create a truly memorable living scene on your dashboard. All the themes in this bundle are presented in real-time 3D, ensuring high quality scaling to UHD resolutions.