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Looking For a New GPU?

During CES January of 2019 Asus (ROG) talked about their new hardware in development. What really stood out was the GPU. A new hybrid cooled 2080TI RTX GPU that is not like other GPUs. This model will introduce a closed loop water cooling system with a pump, tubes, radiator, and fans. However the pump and radiator will be placed underneath the triple slot fans. The hybrid cooled GPU will feature a completely internal design with no need to take up a fan slot for the radiator and fan.

The resulting cooler is called the Infinity Loop and is said to outperform competing designs that use 120mm radiators and go head-to-head with those that use 240mm ones.

-Asus CES 2019 written by
Matthew Lambert


  • Two eight-pin PCIe power plugs
  • GDDR6
  • Boost clock of 1,815MHz
  • Two HDMI 2.0b outputs
  • Two DisplayPort 1.4 outputs
  • A USB Type-C header
  • 300W power rating
  • VR ready

Other features have not been announced as far as our research. If you are looking to get top of the line products you will want to follow this GPU. If you want to read the original article along with information on the other technology…










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