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I have covered Rimworld in a previous article, and if you do not know this game check it out below this paragraph! Rimworld has been busy and still relevant. New DLC and tons of mods are available for its many patches and versions. While mindlessly watching YouTube I discovered that there was a full multiplayer experience! What I discovered was a whole community of modders and gamers behind the Zetrith’s Multiplayer Mod on steam. But this allows you and up to eight friends total to play in the same session live! You can share pawns, the characters of the game, or have your own dedicated pawns to interact and work together.

How it Works

Zetrith’s Multiplayer mod will have you and your friends all sync to the hosts mod configuration and game configuration. Yes this mod allows you to still play with other mods that work well with the multiplayer mod. The host will set up a world and characters for the other players to use, and host the game. The Arbiter will be the first connection to the hosted server and will keep the players in sync. After that your friends can see your session in the multiplayer tab of the home menu.

Now the Zetrith’s Multiplayer mod is a little touchy and is not perfect. The game can still desync and will try to resync all the players. This usually isn’t a problem however the server might need to be restarted after re-synchronization because of a freeze bug. I would recommend frequent autosaves with a minimum of 2 saves every in game day. This will make sure you don’t lose progress. Another recommendation is to limit mods to around 20. I have the best server host performance at 20, but it depends on the mods you use.

The performance is not perfect for sure. There are still way you and friends will cause desync from each other and you will need to resync. Normally if one or more people in the session desync its not a big deal. You will need to wait about 10 to 60 seconds for everyone to resync. However if the host desyncs then the host will need to save and relaunch the session. This is because after the host resyncs the time in game will freeze. Fixing it is easy, like I said just rehost the game after saving.

How to Set Up Multiplayer

To start make sure everyone involved has their Rimworld up to date. Like most anyone who plays Rimworld you will want mods. You will need to pick out mods that work well with the multiplayer. To check this you will need to go to the multiplayer discord here:


Go to the mod-check channel and use the command with the names of the mods you want to use.

After you have all the mods you want subscribed to on Steam you will need your friends to get the exact same mods you have. I find the best way to do this is to favorite the mods on Steam after subscribing to them. Your friends will find the mods a LOT easier.
The host of the game will need to arrange their mods load order in the game menu.

Example of My Mod Load Order

Once the host of the multiplayer has set this up everyone in your group will need the exact same mod load order setup. After all this the last steps to get this working is to share your config files and set up the game!
The host will need to navigate to the config files in his LocalLow folder. To get to the folder search for the folder %appdata% on you windows search bar. Navigate to C:\Users(Your User Name)\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config and send any Mod_##########_(Name of mod).xml you have with the ModsConfig.xml. All your friends will need to delete/ replace their config files with the hosts.

Example of the RimWorld Multiplayer

With all these steps done the host will make a game as if he was making a single play game. Select your scenario, story teller AI, and your pawns for the game. Once that is all said and done and the host is in game he/ she will just hit Esc and select Host from the menu. All your friends will join from the Multiplayer section on the main menu through steam tab.

My Tips for Multiplayer

First and foremost do not initiate and debug commands to revive a pawn or end events. If you are lucky this will only cause desync, however i have lost multiplayer games from messing with those. Also to prevent losing a long period of time if something messes up I recommend autosaving two times a game day. These autosaves have saved my game file and has ensured that i can have a long running game.

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