Review: Red Dead Redemption II | Link-Cable

author image by N4G News | 0 Comments | November 9, 2018
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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: “Growing up I think everyone has at one point dreamed of being a cowboy (or girl), living a life in the untamed expanses of the pre-industrialized world, a time and place where the only rules that matter are your own and whether or not you thrive or merely survive is entirely up to your own gumption. This childhood fantasy may no longer be attainable in the real world but the Wild West remains a popular setting for modern stories, the newest of these being Red Dead Redemption II, a game that really needs no introduction as its likely to be remembered as one of, if not the biggest gaming release of 2018, both in scale and in pre-release excitement and hype, to the point that before its release many were already crowning it as the game of the year. Of course, living up to these expectations would be nearly impossible and no game could really be that good… could it?”