Report: Embattled real estate startup WeWork mulling esports investment

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author image by GamesutraNews | 0 Comments | November 1, 2019
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Report: Embattled real estate startup WeWork mulling esports investment


Earlier this week the team at Bloomberg reported that The We Company, parent company of contentious real estate startup WeWork, has made a number of moves towards a potential investment in the eSports business.

While WeWork could potentially play a potent role in eSports given its established business of managing real and virtual gathering spaces, the company appears in rocky shape after its CEO resigned and its plans for an IPO were aborted earlier this year.

A source trusted by Bloomberg claims We Co. has hired a number of people with an eye towards putting them on a business tied to video games, a claim backed up by a patent application filed in July with the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office.

The application outlines a “Play By We” trademark which could encompass “business services, namely, conducting conferences and events in the field of video gaming” as well as marketing support, real estate for offices and events, and “entertainment services in the nature of online video game playing and esports…providing online competitive, professional video games for playing; promoting the goods and services of others.”

Gamasutra has contacted WeWork representatives for confirmation and further comment.

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