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Ready Or Not Pre-Order Announcement

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Image by – Void Interactive – Ready or Not

7 March 2019

Void Interactive has finally put out the first ever Gameplay Trailer for Ready Or Not, A new tactical first person shooter game that will feature a very real and heavy tone as you play as a S.W.A.T team and take on various operations.

Ready or Not

Void Interactive also announced the Ready Or Not, FBI HRT Supporter Edition which will be a Pre-Order that will give you access to a Private Alpha in 2019 and will give access to a Beta in 2020.

Ready or Not Supporter Edition

Both announcement trailers can be found on Void Interactive’s YouTube @ (VOID Interactive). You can also find additional information as well as the Pre-Order information on their website I have Pre-Ordered that Ready Or Not FBI HRT Supporter Edition and am looking forward to the Alpha that will start in August 2019.

We at max level mag are very excited for Void Interactive and are eagerly awaiting to see where they take the game in the future and hopefully we will see you in the Alpha.