Ready Or Not Gameplay Stream!

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Image by – Void Interactive – Ready or Not

7 March 2019

To start things off Ready or Not is not a Rainbow Six Siege Clone, to compare the two would be unfair because they have very different play styles. Ready or Not is a Spiritual Successor to the classic Tactical Shooter franchise S.W.A.T and will feature game mechanics more in tune with those game and then some.

If you are unfamiliar with the S.W.A.T franchise the games were tactical shooters that relied on you to follow rules of engagement, find and secure hostages and evidence, report suspects and evidence to the Tactical Operations Center (TOC), and much more.

Image by – Void Interactive – Ready or Not

Ready or Not is being Developed by Void Interactive and they have been hard at work to create an authentic experience while maintaining a sense of fun needed in a video game. They have worked with many professionals to get information for the game as well as having several operators record motion capture for all the games animations.

The game will Feature a campaign that you can play with friends as well as a multiplayer where S.W.A.T will face off against a paramilitary group in a pvp game mode.

For the First Time Void will be releasing a gameplay Trailer March 7th @ 5PM PST/8PM EST and two hours later 7PM PST/10PM EST Void will be live with the Ready or Not Reveal Podcast by @BlacksiteTeam featuring @donutoperator & @tweak_gg which will be on @KleanStreams channel at

We at MaxLevelMag are very excited for the release of Ready or Not and look forward to seeing whats in store for the games future, Good Luck to Void Interactive.

Tristan@Max Level Mag