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A free to play mobile game made by Plarium , a MMO and MMORPG mobile gaming company. Shadow Legends is a game that has a great balance of PvE and PvP. At first I thought I was not going to like Shadow Legends when I started to play. Now though, I am having a blast with the game and what it has to offer.

Collect champions, and build your team to help you team and solo missions. Join a guild to help and be a team. The game helps you gain experience and helps you level your champions just by fighting in battles and doing the story mode.

When playing the game longer you get rewards, i am still not sure how i feel about that, but it is a nice way to get people to play longer. Leveling up your champions you can offer weaker characters to level up or fight in battles, depending on how fast you want to level up. There are challenge battles to help level up weapons and abilities for your champion. There is also the sparring pit that you can place a champion and leave there to slowly gain exp until they hit max. When you hit max you can level up your character to make them stronger.

When playing you will get shards of different ranks and you can go to the portal, and summon a new or champions that you already have so that you can offer and level up or train. Their are 16 clans with 5 tiers in each clan from common to legendary.

They do have PvP events that are held all the time, they are fun way to fight others and see how your team is up to par or needs to be worked on. As well as clan battles so it will help when you are leveling, and getting items to level.

The champions in the game have a few types, like HP for that tank like feel. As well they have Attack for DPS and pure damage, Support that will increase attack damage or heal, and defense to help with tanking and supporting your team. So build your team and inter the world of Raid Shadow Legends it is a fun game and I do recommend picking it up to try it out.