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Every time we talk about Pokemon Go Revenue we think that it can’t possibly get any higher, and then they go and prove us wrong. In January the game brought in $68 million in revenue, that’s a shocking 84% higher than January 2018. The largest chunk of that $68 million came from Japan, who accounted for 35% of the total revenue, that’s $23.8 million if you don’t want to do the math. The United States accounted for 29% of the game’s revenue in January. All of this meant that Pokemon Go was the number 10 grossing app globally and the 8th highest earning game. Last year in January 2018 it ranked 19 overall and 17 in games.

While we’ve been reporting on how well Pokemon Go has been performing year on year for a few months now things are going to slow down and not be as impressive anymore. That’s because 2018 was a year of a lot of changes for Pokemon Go. Changes that have resulted in them now making $68 million in a month. So the year on year difference isn’t going to be as big and impressive anymore as we catch up to the content releases. The changes they introduced to the game throughout 2018 slowly brought them up to where they are now. Still, $68 million in one month is incredibly impressive and it shows that Pokemon Go is off to a fantastic start this year. If they keep it up they’ll bring in $816 million before the year is over. Since the game launched in July 2016, the game has brought in more than $2.3 billion, though Superdata estimates that number to be over $3 billion. The monthly revenue information comes from a report from Sensor Tower using their Store Intelligence data.

Source: Sensor Tower

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