Players Hack Fallout 76’s Nuke Codes

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Fallout 76 nukes are a core end game goal; a way for players to rally together for an objective and bomb a site to bring high-end resources to themselves, their friends, and maybe anyone who wasn’t caught in the blast zone. Thanks to some player ingenuity, part of that activity – finding out the launch code – has been somewhat trivialized.

fallout 76 nukes

The decryption of launch codes involves a keyword cipher that changes weekly and is meant to be slowly revealed. However, a program called NukaCrypt has been written by a Redditor that lets players put in part of their discovered code and brute-force a solution. This allows players to fire a nuke from a silo without having to wait for the keyword to fully reveal itself.

It should be mentioned that getting into one of the game’s nuke silos still involves a lot of coordination; the nuke codes can only be found on a specific monster type that randomly appears on the game’s map, and accessing the silos requires players to collect keycards from downed Enclave dropships. Additionally, the silos themselves are heavily guarded locations.

Even so, the waiting is the hardest part like the song says and this decryption program pretty much does away with that.

Our Thoughts

We expect that Bethesda will be making some adjustments to the way nuke codes are accessed, especially if this particular program leads to bombs burning sections of Appalachia willy-nilly. Or perhaps they’ll just let it happen. Who knows.

Source: Kotaku

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