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18 February 2019

Image by – Ubisoft Entertainment – Gridlock and Mozzie

During yesterdays final round of the R6 Invitationals, Ubisoft revealed the new season Operators and Map. Operation Burnt Horizon, set in Australia, brings us Gridlock, an Attacker and Mozzie, a Defender from down under.

Rainbow Six Siege: Burnt Horizon Operators
Image by – Ubisoft Entertainment – Gridlock

Gridlock boosts the attacking team’s area denial capabilities with Trax Stingers, a cluster of defender damaging floor spikes set in a radial pattern. Trax Stingers will produce several spike clusters making them good for covering a large floor area, blocking up stairways, or halls. Attackers will be able to cross the spikes with no hinderance, but Defenders will take damage and have their movement slowed down. Defenders can destroy the clusters of spikes, and shoot them while being deployed, but Jager’s ADS gadget won’t affect them. Walking across or destroying the clusters will create a lot of noise and alert the attacking team where you are. Gridlock brings her F90 assault rifle or her M249 LMG to the fight.

Mozie is a Defender with no gadgets, he just steals everyone else’s. With his Pest Launcher, Mozzie can hack an Attackers Drone and make them his own, this includes Twitch drones.

There is two ways to do this:

*Shoot a Pest directly on the drone

* Shoot a Pest onto a surface for an ambush. The Pest will pounce on any drone that gets inside its ambush radius.

Each Pest can hack one drone, adding it to Mozzie’s fleet. He can not pick up drones, and if he drives one outside for more than a few seconds the hack will be lost, and the drone with it. Each drone that Mozzie can keep in play will add to the Defenders camera feed. For Defenders who like shooting drones on sight, there is a special glowing outline around the drone’s that Mozzie has hacked. Attackers can regain access to the camera feed of a drone with a Dokkaebi hack, but the drone will remain under Defender control. Mozzie is packin’ his P10 Roni automatic pistol, or his Commando 9 assault rifle.

Image by – Ubisoft Entertainment – Rainbow Six – Outback

The new map Outback is a roadhouse made up of three main buildings joined together in a L-shape. Each is color-coded in accents to help get oriented. The garage is blue, with a restaurant in green, and a motel in yellow. There are several landmarks around to help also.

The Outback map will be free to all players when Operation Burnt Horizon arrives, and Year 4 pass owners will have immediate access to the new Operators, all others will be able to unlock them one week later.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

For more info on Rainbow Six Siege and the new season –> https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/home/index.aspx

Read the full article from Ubisoft here –> https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-344793-16/operation-burnt-horizon-operator-and-map-guide










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