NPD: Pokemon Let’s GO! Sales Are Positive And “Most Important Launch” Of 2018

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The NPD Group which tracks sales throughout the United States say that sales of Pokemon: Let’s GO, Pikachu and Eevee! are very positive. The news comes from Mat Piscatella via Twitter. He says that views on Twitch are astounding and that it is one of the most important game releases on the year. Hopefully sales numbers will be announced by the Pokemon Company soon so we can see just how big an impact the game is having for the company and Nintendo.

“Lots of positivity and optimism around Pokemon: Let’s Go, including leading in Twitch viewership. Initial read of ancillary metrics a bit better than I’d anticipated. All good signs.”

“From a total gaming market outlook perspective, Pokemon: Let’s Go is the most important launch of the year. Initial response being as positive as it is, well, it’s a bit of a relief to be honest. We’ll have to see how sales go through December and into the new year.”