Now Loading – What Do You Think of the Full PlayStation Classic Games List?

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PlayStation Classic Games list

When it was first announced, the PlayStation Classic only had five of its 20 total games revealed. After we speculated on what games might be included (or more specifically, the ones that we wanted included) and determined if we were going to make a preorder or not, Sony has finally revealed the full lineup of all 20 games on the mini-console, with Japan getting a few different games on its version of the PlayStation Classic.

Now that the full lists are out in the wild, we decided to circle back with the PlayStation LifeStyle staff to see what they thought of the PlayStation Classic games lineup, and if it effectively represented the best or most iconic games on the platform. Here’s what the PlayStation LifeStyle staff had to say.

The PlayStation Classic has faced a few criticisms, like not including a power adapter, but Sony revealed that it will be compatible with most phone chargers and USB adapters. It will also be a self-contained system with no access to the PSN, so the 20 games you see are what you get.

What do you think of the full lineup of PlayStation Classic games? What did it get right? Which essential PlayStation classic games is it missing? Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts on the PlayStation Classic are. For more on classic PlayStation games, don’t miss our PlayStation Classics series, where we look at some of those old games from the original PS1 era.

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Now Loading – What Do You Think of the Full PlayStation Classic Games List?