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New Year’s resolutions are a common way for people to instill a new start at the beginning of the new year. Whether it’s getting into a better workout regimen, drinking less (or more. We don’t judge), or setting out to complete a dream you’ve long had, flipping the calendar can provide a great opportunity. Goals of physical fitness and overall well being are noble resolutions, but this is PlayStation LifeStyle, which means we wanted to make things a little bit more gaming related.

As we cross into 2019, the PSLS staff has a number of gaming New Year’s resolutions. Some are simple goals, like trying to complete the insane backlogs that we’ve accrued, while others are deeper, like attempting to not let the insatiable need to finish or Platinum a game control us. Here’s what we’ll be striving for in the new year in terms of our gaming lives.

While that may be what we’re striving for over the next 365 days, only time will tell if we actually keep these resolutions. What gaming New Year’s resolutions are you setting for yourself this year? Are there games you’ll be trying to clear out of your backlog? Will you be trying out any new genres or games that you wouldn’t usually? Did you accomplish any goals last year that you set at the beginning of 2018? Take to the first PSLS comments section of 2019 to let us know.

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Now Loading – Our Gaming New Year’s Resolutions