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Nintendo has advertised some job listings which sound as though they are for whatever the Kyoto-based company plans for The Legend of Zelda series. The job listings were spotted by Reset Era member Guru-Guru who has taken the trouble to translate them from Japanese. Here’s what we know about the new job positions:

  • The first job posting is for a 3DCG designer. They specify that it is for terrain/topography production for stuff such as the field and dungeons.
  • Requirements: experience making backgrounds in Maya and Adobe Photoshop; experience working on HD hardware; Japanese fluency
  • Other skills that will help your application: experience making backgrounds specifically for an action game; experience making concept art; experience making assets in Substance Painter and Substance Designer; interest in Zelda; leadership experience
  • The second posting is for a level designer. They are looking for someone to plan game events, the field, dungeons, as well as enemies.
  • Requirements: experience working as a game planner for consumer games; Japanese fluency.











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