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Microsoft has announced that Just Cause 3 is available to play for free on Xbox One over the next few days.

It’s pretty good timing, seeing as how Just Cause 4 is out early next month. Just Cause 3 isn’t exactly a short game though, so chances are you probably won’t finish it between now and Monday, which is when the free period ends. Or maybe you will, in which case, fair play to you.

The free trial will give you access to the full game, so that’s all 400 square miles of open-world mayhem to soak up. 

If you do decide to take the plunge and snap up the full version, you can grab it at 70% off the usual asking price on the Microsoft Store. Following this, November 6 – November 12 will see discounts of up to 90% off Just Cause 2, 70% off Just Cause 3 XXL, and up to 75% off the Just Cause 3: Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass.

Remember that the original Just Cause is now backwards compatible on Xbox One, so you can play the whole series on Microsoft’s flagship console.

Just Cause 4 is also getting a series of post-launch packs, so read more about them here.









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