News: The Quiet Man pipes up with Answered update

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Critically-mauled adventure game The Quiet Man has received a new update today, adding voice and sound support. 

In case you haven’t played the game (and you should probably keep it that way), The Quiet Man features a deaf protagonist who can lip read, although this means you, the player, is unable to actually hear anything during the game. 

It’s a bizarre concoction, and one that features some piss-poor combat sequences to top it all off. Regardless, the new update allows you to take in much more of the story, although whether you’ll want to actually go through it again is another thing entirely.

If you’re curious about The Quiet Man, then you’re not the only one; Colm was so excited to play it last week that he could hardly contain his excitement in the office. 

He may have regretted his decision.