News: The Elder Scrolls Online’s Argonian-flavoured expansion is out now

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The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest expansion, Murkmire, is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, ZeniMax has announced.

Murkmire is focussed on Argonian culture, and is set on the southern coast of Black Marsh, which fans of the venerable fantasy series will recognise as the reptilian race’s homeland. As well as a new location, Murkmire includes a brand storyline to soak up as well as the four-player Blackrose Prison arena.

The main quest will see you poking around in Murkmire’s past, which sees players off on a mission to acquire a long-lost and powerful Argonian relic. In addition, the expansion also includes a number of quality-of-life improvements for the game’s the Housing Editor.

The swamplands also play host to a number of world bosses, Delves, and unique quests to tackle while you’re out and about exploring the wilderness. 

You can grab Murkmire via The Elder Scrolls Online’s Crown Store now or download it free if you’re an ESO Plus member.