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Grinding Gear Games has announced that Path of Exile, its free-to-play action-RPG that is often seen as a rival to Diablo, will launch for PlayStation 4 in December. 

The game has already been a huge success on PC and Xbox One, where it has drummed up more than 16 million players worldwide. Path of Exile’s PS4 launch will coincide with expansion 3.5.0 for existing versions of the game.

In case you haven’t dipped into Path of Exile, the game pretty much follows the Diablo template. You’ll slug it out with numerous creatures throughout dungeons and caverns, hoovering up experience points while evolving your chosen character.

Unlike most of its genre stablemates, Path of Exile does not feature in-game currency, instead plumping for a system that sees you barterning currency items.

Path of Exile will launch for PS4 on December 7.









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