News: Nintendo lands $12 million in damages as a result of ROM lawsuit

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Nintendo’s lawsuit against an Arizona couple running a pair of ROM websites has resulted in a $12.23 million settlement in favour of the hardware manufacturer.

The Switch platform holder filed the lawsuit back in July against and, run by Mathias Designs LLC. Ninty sued for copyright and trademark infringement, having noted that both sites offered thousands of pirates titles for download, including Super Mario Kart 64 and Donkey Kong Country.

Both sites were taken offline, and now the parties involved, Jacob and Cristian Mathias, have admitted (via Torrentfreak) to both direct and indirect copyright and trademark infringement. 

Obviously the amount is something that the couple are unlikely to be able to pay, and therefore is probably aimed at dettering future operators of ROM and emulator websites. In addition to the fine, the settlement contains an injunction that will prevent the couple from infringing on Nintendo’s copyrights in the future. 

The duo have also been required to hand over the domains to both ROM websites, plus relinquish any Nintendo games and hardware in their possession.